“How Deep Is Your Love ( Asad Rizvi Rmx )”

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One of the most hartwrenching BLAZE anthems ever with it’s fantastic, classic soul vocal delivery, instantly recognizable string theme and the butt moving squelchy bassline sees a welcome return on deserving UK imprint Dance Wicked. prolific, hard-working UK producer ASAD RIZVI updates the song for today’s house floors. slowing down the tempo slightly and slimming it to a phatt and prominent funk bassline, squelchy chords and solid beats laced with pleading ad-lips Rizvi drops background vocals to full effect after a short break-down and adds more freaky synth action giving the tune an updated 80’s boogie feel not much unlike recent releases on labels like Freerange. Thorsten Scheu aka GLANCE ( STIR 15 ) - producer of one of the best german housealbums ever - re-touches the original respectfully with a intimate, restrained instrumentation that gives loads of room to the fantastic vocal harmonies yet has enormous butt-moving qualities thanks to a huge bassline and gently lifts us higher and higher later in the mix with additional synth horns and strings. and for those who missed the long-deleted original release on Shelter Records the good folks from Dance Wicked added the towering original mix. pure heaven!

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