Bug & Tanzmann

“Shick´n Shock Ep”

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At this point, further introduction of the artists Steve Bug & Matthias Tanzmann is unnecessary. This genial duo has teamed up once again for their second strike to follow up on their previously released „Tanzbug EP“, released in spring 2005. The A-side presents „Shick“, a dark minimal pusher. Permanent sticks hold the tempo, while a dark but dirty melody slowly rises up and starts to lead the track. After a short break, „Shick“ evloves it’s whole sable grandeur. Take your time to enjoy this one.. On the B-side, you find another strong bit. „Shock“ is less dark but more funky. Shuffling hihats, a jumping bassline and some short chords qualify Shock’s heavy demand on the dancefloor. A thin open hihat makes grooves on and on and a short ear candy melody won’t leave your head for hours. Do we need anything else? Don’t think so…

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