Signor Andreoni - Blues Experiment


TSB001 scanZoom inLabelTuning Spork Blues Experiment
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“signor andreoni” is the man behind the TUNINGSPORK BLUES EXPERIMENTS hailing from the beautiful island of sardania , italy - - this classy italian will do a five part series featuring his version of electronic house blues. SIGNOR ANDREONI is a classicly trained guitar player with years of experience in jazz bands and a proper education in music , HE fuses this perfectly with his love for house and techno. SIGNOR recently moved to berlin and found himself struggling with the standardized way of thinking he encountered in the past ,so he decided to go solo , and now his life will never be the same. very strong and inviting melodies (one of the special aspects of this mans music) all created with his guitar , via real guitar sounds and the special edge of his midi guitar. it is seriously an amazing sound to hear the keys being played through the dynamics of a guitar , truly a sound of its own. this series is sure to become a collectors speciality as we watch this new artist grow in front of our eyes and ears. the second part of this project series will be arriving in a few months , so please stay with us. as always tunignspork loves you.

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