Chris Carrier / E - Troneek Funk

“Help Yourself Vol. 3”

AO025 scanZoom inLabelAdult Only
Cat. No.AO025
Orders fromThu, 16 Feb 2006
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Next strike on adult only, one of the most upcoming labels so far, this time with another achiever produced by chris career and the men of the hour e-troneek funk (by the way guys, please give another full attention to all these high class releases by e-troneek funk on dialect, art brut and battle, i think some of you will find out that these releases are also a pleassure for the ears:-))…ok, back to ao025…..on the a-side you will find a track called “my heart belongs to daddy", i think old school detroit style will be the next big thing again which could be a wonderful idea, cause this sound was the starting point for millions of techno freaks still holding producers like kenny larkin, juan atkins, carl craig and many more in high esteem.. the new generation as well? “my heart belongs to daddy” comes around with a clever arrangement, somewhere between this mentioned detroit style, with great strings and nice surefaces and chords, lovely melodies, and modern drum works.this track fool around and i would say:100% club guaranteed, hands up in the air, ladies and gentlemen. the flip starts with a tune called “it was dub", hell yeah, this is the one, if you’ll ask me.dubbish and deep pumping vocal tune, ruff but beautiful, dark but not without hope, simple but significant, that’s all i have to say bout this masterpiece, i don’t want to bully, you will look surprised! the round dance finish with the last peak level called “paris, detroit via rabat", wordless!this track combined all i said before, detroit meets paris 2006!i don’t wanna talk the hind leg of a donkey, but this adult only record is the best i heared so far and that’s all, but that’s quite enough, so put a horse through its paces….word!

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