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Time for a new bomb on contexterrior, after a little break and a special compilation series (very well recieved - thank you) we bring you some fresh new talent from noddingham, england ! He is a 23 year old prodigy promptly named “INXEC” this record is BIG, BIG, BIG - without a doubt one of the biggest club records on CONTEXTERRIOR to date. The sound is extremely advanced, crowd pleasing and has enough craziness to blow some minds - Bass is throbbing on all songs, clickidy - clacky percussions move the groove, as you sit and wonder - ” where did he come from ?” This release is truly alien, some might call it cold - but nonetheless extremely powerful. power. power. the first cut ” bittersweet ” sports an amazing mood , huge bassline and breakdowns guaranteed to throw the club into a frenzy. This song is recieving huge support and being regularly played by dj´s like JAY HAZE and RICARDO VILLALOBOS a2. “chalk and cheese” - dark atomosphere , clattering drums , and from the heavy bassline it is quite easy to hear this guy is from the uk . definetly a song for fans of aphex twin minded craziness. b1. “clay pigeon” - without a doubt the biggest song on the ep . An amazingly sick arp sinking in and out , little vocal snippets penetrating the infectious groove - extremely unexpected changes , with breaks that will turn any club into a madhouse. b2. ” obol ” - this one is an 808 bass kick bomb , quirky and tricky . Most definetly CONTEXTERRIOR material in a more classic sense. INXEC does it as if he was one of the founding fathers - reverbed madness , spooky mood , and a total disregard from pop music. This is a well rounded ep , sure to be one of the hottest records of the year.

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FRANCIOUS K: “this INXEC record is amazing. i will be playing it all the time. it is powerful in the club. ”

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