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“Its Fun To Compute”

STILOVE4MUSIC05 scanZoom inLabelL(ove) F(or) M(usic)
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STILOVE4MUSIC once again lets us have a taste of the glory days of the early 80’s when adventurous, chicago DJs melted the best of both worlds US soul & disco and obscure european electronica into the dance craze that soon had its grip on the world labeled as chicago house. side one is dedicated to the european influence chopping up vocal snippets from the dadistic, rhythmical vocal acrobatics of a german drummer and those from the near holy quadruplity of those german electro-pioneers with their red shirts, black ties and accurately parted hair. laced over a simple, yet all the more stomping beat, slightly filtered here and there the anonymous producer here pulls of the bold sleight of hand to make the most played out samples sound hot and exciting again. the US side gets their nod on the flip with arguably the most anthemic disco horn chorus ever and sky taking strings backed by a meaty handclapping, foot stomping beat. classic stuff, straight to the point, almost makes you feel the sweat, the poppers and the excitement of getting your ass whooped by a dj creating the new sound. grab these right here: i’m sure in a year some shady villain will try to sell these as “original Ron Hardy edits” on e-bay for crazy money.

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