Dave Aju

“The Table Turns/ Krikor Rmx”

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On “The Tables Turn,” his second EP for Circus Company, Dave Aju continues his exploration of unusual sound sources and recording techniques that again results in a uniquely fresh and powerful sound. While the music on his “Unorthodoctor” EP harnessed a wide variety of external and environmental sounds via field recordings, “The Tables Turn” is a more focused, internal and personal set, inspired by Aju’s American Indian, hip hop and jazz roots and, most importantly, his undying love for the turntable and vinyl medium. On “Xibalbanasazi,” track A1, Aju’s native roots are very apparent. The relentless percussion and huge bass hits are all derived from recordings of the mechanical components of a Technics 1200, but the track, however, is a very warm, organic, and almost tribal jam punctuated by bits of clay flute and percussive breakdowns that will shake any floor into a frenzy. A2 sees Paris mad scientist Krikor rework “Xibalbanasazi” into an all-out electro funk storm that compliments the original perfectly. On the flip, “Runout” is a seriously banging homage to Chicago’s finest, complete with jacking drums, sliding minimal keys, and fiercely provocative vocals. The title refers to the runout groove of a record which was used as the sole sound source for the track, while MC 101 flips the term into hilarious rhymes about people who don’t support new, cutting edge music until it’s trendy and fashionable. The final track, “Living Proof” is an incredibly deep and beautiful tribute to the warmth and analog imperfections of the vinyl medium. Here Aju employs raw vinyl samples and loose, improvisational production to evoke the live, human feel of records. The soulful essence of the track is concluded perfectly by a sultry female voice declaring “I’m Alive…” 41004;"Counterpart with the latest 12 from Axis sub-label, 6277. “Constant Anxiety” is a superb helping of driving Detroit-styled techno, with a definite nod to the label boss’ style, layering percolating synth lines, tight beats, and solid analog elements perfectly. On the flip, more unrelenting techno, this time given added texture by some spacey touches whilst still staying true to it’s Millsian roots

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Troy Pierce: “crazy record runout is the sick!!!!”

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