Link/ Baby Ford & Eon

“Amenity/ Dead Eye”

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Re-issue of two shinning moments in techno from Baby Ford+Eon and Link Two techno masterpieces on one single, ‘DEAD EYE’ and ‘LINK’ captured moments in futurist expression light years ahead of their original trajectory. One of Baby Ford+Eon’s most inspired moments, ‘Dead Eye’ has been unavailable on vinyl since it’s original limited release in 1994 on Ford’s own Ifach Records. Featured on a variety of mix albums since (Richie Hawtin, Stacey Pullen, Slam to name a few appreciators), this benchmark in spatial moody techno transports DJ’s and heads alike. Link’s (aka Mark Pritchard of Global Communication/Reload/Harmonic 33/TroubleMan) ‘Amenity’ was originally released in 1992 on Evolution/Universal Language and has continued to show it’s timeless ability to mix ambient beauty, break-ish beats, melody and cosmic energy. Purveyor of ambient, downtempo, hip-hop and IDM, Pritchard continues to push musical boundaries and expression with his masterful production and unique mixture of future/past sounds and sensibilities. Both tracks (here re-mastered) have achieved an underground legendary reputation, used as secret weapons in the right hands and at the right time. To say “sought-after” is putting it very lightly for these two pieces of musical art history.

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