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Humongous EP!!! Nettement is a killer! Ron Flatter’s first strike on KarateKlub! 3 unbelieveable high levels tracks!!! We hope, Playmate will pardon, that Ron released this unbelieveable high level tracks on karateklub. “Nettement” is a killer and showed in advance how it works and what a matchless prime-time-burner it is. Crazy and frenzy, as it were intuitive melancolic, rock’in and wonderful. A temper-/moodsymbiosis you never experienced before! “Face” is another heart-core of the nettement ep. With his velvet vocals, extactly the right tune for die away of summer. Girls love this sound! Roundet by “Inscription” the third prized possession.

KK010 in the media

BPM Mag (USA): “Playmate Records man of the hour takes a step away to join this roster and release one of his finest productions to date. Full of energy and life, this cleanly mixed techno anthem proves how it’s a matchless peak-time burner. Velvety vocals drape upon an intuitively melodic cloak that pumps and pumps like it never has before. Prepare to open third eyes as this wax bible hits the platter. ”

DJ MAG (UK): “Ron Flatter unleashes three electro-techno bombs that are as infectious as a dose of avian flu in a Hong Kong KFC. The storming title track is too over the top, but the melodic ‘Inscription’ gets the serious/cheesy equation right. Richard Brophy”

Emerson (playmate rec.): “super platte. ron ist einer der sympathischsten künstler aus der gegend und ich freue mich immer sehr über neue produktionen von ihm. er glänzt durch sein gespür für melodie und harmonie... und sein enorm druckvoller und guter sound setzt dem ganzen die krone auf,...auch wenn mir der titel leider überhaupt gar nicht gefällt ist "nettement" mein absoluter favorit und bekommt eine stammplatz in meinem case ! ”

James Holden: “A-side sounds fun!”

Mijk van Dijk: “Inscription is very interesting as well, will work well for techno-minded crowds. WIll play for sure. ”

Monoroom (klingklong rec.): “Wir finden "Face" am besten! Ist mit Sicherheit in unserem Set zu hören. ”

Play Paul (gigolo): “it is an interesting track, really well produced! ”

Rui da Silva (kismet rec.): “Will play for sure! ”

Scheibosan (österreich): “feiner minimal mit guten soundz, groovy beat, knartz soundz & spacy vox ...... fresh !! ”

Sebbo (fullscale music): “Habe mir gerade die karateklub mp3s reingezogen und Und muss sagen dir gefallen mir alle 3 sehr gut. ”

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