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“Cosa Nostra Funk”

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Sex Drive simply keeps what it´s title promises and ya´ll gotta promise to try my fave, b1 “Cosa Nostra Funk"! People go mad on the floor when they hear it, i tried it several times. And if u wanna roll with da Knarz u should just use the Knarzer Roller!!! Format:b are crazy rocking mad asses: Jakob & Franziskus, two smart in close relationship to the almighty Berlin Beat Mafia and who dealt with music from right their early days on. They already released smashing ep´s on Tom Clarks infamous HIGHGRADE label, as well as Oliver Koletzkis STIL VOR TALENT not long ago. If you want to know more about these manics, check their pretty cool site:

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Karotte: “b1 ist die bombe. hat gewaltig gerockt dieses weekend. b2 ist aber auch sehr gut. karotte charts september.”

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