“Gum Ep”

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After a first record on Trenton (tren006) our favorite Italian artist Marco Tonni aka Touane is back for more! Usually a bit darker on his home label the excellent Persona, it seems that Marco ‘s music approach on Trenton has a more summer feel! And we won’t complain! 3 amazing tracks then, the first one called Gum has a great bouncing bass lines, very housy and with this typical Touane’s noisy background… light and sweet! Perfect summer track! After that the cut Riviera geeks is a bit more minimal with more clicks and less cuts Accordi is the “driving” tune of this record, a killer groove and a great melody, it just has it all and once again Marco has such of a personal way to male all this shaking! As a re-mixer we asked our dear friend Ron Schneider aka Raumagent Alpha. Known for his rockets on Festplatten Ron tortured that track at a point where you would think that even Villalobos could be shocked to hear this crazy re-treatment…

TREN014 in the media

DJ MAG (UK): “4/5 Trenton has been steadily building up its profile and this release won’t do it any harm. Less abrasive than the recent Trenton mix by P.Toile, Touane’s tracks are low slung and veering on the abstract, but the Italian producer manages to keep the focus on the dance floor using plunging, bleepy basslines and intricate percussive touches. It may not be peak time stuff, but the chiming chords and wobbly bass licks of ‘Riviera Geeks’ means this EP offers compelling, if sporadic, listening. Richard Brophy”

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