Alexi Delano & Xpans

“Intelligence Reframe”

PLUS8092 scanZoom inLabelPlus 8
Cat. No.PLUS8092
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Intelligence Ref ramed rattles and rolls in true Plus 8 dancef loor spirit, shif ting in precise y et animated techno. The A-side lead of f track ECHOLOCATION sends a driv ing but relaxed beat into a sinister zone of space. COSMIC ANTIPATHY groov es along with its electro stabs, square-wav e bubbles and cosmic tones that squelch and electrocute. First of f the edge of the B-side is VEGETOTHERAPY, a deeper approach to their sound with a slightly industrialized attitude. META-INTELLECTUAL takes the record out on a surgical bang, tossing up layers of shadow melodies and manic loops of metallic percussion.

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