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Dan Berkson & James What already received loads of respect, plays and big ups for their Poker Flat debut 12“ „The Dig“ (pfr70) in spring earlier this year. They played some bodacious sets at this year’s Sonár Festival in Barcelona and now, here they go again! On their new 3 tracker „Cantina“ on Poker Flat, Dan & James continue searching for unusual sounds while keeping a musical and organic vibe. While each track explores fresh sonic territory, they also focus on the dance.oor…The A side Cantina, is named after the intergalactic tavern where everyone‘s favourite space heroes meet for the .rst time. On B1 Dan & James return to their roots as circus performers, while the “Last Train” is a tripped out nocturnal adventure into deeper house sounds on B2….

PFR77 in the media

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Rec.): “love cantina.! Really nice tracks very smoosy fresh and even spicey like crispy taco chips with creamy Guacomole. I can't stop eatin this.. ”

DE:BUG (GER): “Rating: *****”

De:Bug (GER): “Latin in den Zwirbeln, Funk in den Knochen, Rasseln an den Gliedmaßen und ja, so kann die Nacht beginnen, in der die Temperatur einfach keinen Schweißtropfen weichen will, und der staubige Boden des Dancefloors hart atmet wie der Beton der Erde. "Mescaline Circus" beschreibt dann die Nachwehen solcher Feste, und lässt die Welt langsam aus den kleinen Verzerrungen und den Perlen des Erwachens entstehen, die wie Zeitkapseln langsam aber wuchernd überall aufplatzen. Der Weg nach Hause aus der Wüste führt dann über "Last Train", das shuffelnd und noch leicht zerknautscht sich immer solider dem eigenen Groove überlässt. ”

DJ T (Get Physical): “good combination of moving elements, a-side is in my case”

DjMag (UK): “Rating: ****”

Giles Smith (secretsundaze UK): “Excellent..i have reviewed this for DJ..... DAN BERKSON & JAMES WHAT? - CANTINA (POKER FLAT) 4* This will be London based duo Berkson and What's 2nd release on the mighty Poker Flat label and once again they come up trumps with this 3 track ep. Lead track "Cantina" is probably the liveliest of the tracks with its skipping, light footed beats and melodic flute - like melody which acts as a foil to the brooding bassline. B1 "Mescaline Circus" is a little deeper focussing on the percussion and subtle sounds giving the track a more dubby and organic feel. Final track "Last Train" doesn't disappoint either with its slightly spooky windy vibe and once again use of inventive, fresh sounds. Great stuff.”

James Flavour (Dirt Crew): “cool ep. my favourite is b1.”

Karotte: “wie immer klasse platte von den beiden. a1 und b1 sind der burner. ”

Matthias Tanzmann: “great record, b1 is my favourite”

Raveline (GER): “Rating: ***** points”

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