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“Superman Days”

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In late 2003 Rostock’s Johannes Mai aka. JOHN SPRING brings the world’s dancefloors over to his side for the first time, with his debut EP “Dispo Dancer” (Sub Static #35). At this time the track “Strange” becomes the official hit of the record, and an obligation for any kind of DJ. One year later it was licensed by London’s Crosstown Rebels label, remixed by John Spring himself.Also the following two EP’s “Waterproof” (sus_40) and “Snapshot” (sus_48) on SUB STATIC quickly reach special places in the international DJ cases.Now that Johannes has just finished his studies in business informatics, and now finds himself on the payroll at Native Instruments in Berlin, the time is right for his next big step in music – the album: JOHN SPRING – SUPERMAN DAYS! The tentacles are stretched out, the poison fangs are sharpened, bank- and web-accounts are blocked, but the yuppie is still there, and makes himself more comfortable than ever. Luckily we are well prepared, luckily we have one like him: JOHN SPRING, the Don Quichotte from the german east coast, the bassdrum in flesh and blood, the man of greatest humour between two bars since Ringelnatz. And being a true techno troublemaker, he knows his enemies and the spirit of the times, and he knows about people still thinkingto be Clark Kent, trying to combine moral docrine with an ugly tie. But all of this is now null and void – let’s tap-dance on the ruins of the pale majority!John’s countless dances on the dispo parquet predestine him for this job, cause nobody else knows better to extract the dark vibes of electrified feelings as consequently. Demoniac, bizarre, funky, precisely his music rumbles through the terror of everyday life, washes techno inside-out, and hangs it out to dry it in front of the community centre. The immediate effect on brain and bone is guaranteed, the body may sweat again, somewhere inbetween joyful bawling and evil hissing, rumbling and shunkling in 4/4.The one or other stumble is consciously locked-i

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DE:BUG (GER): “Mein sofortiger Liebling dieser Platte muss "Springstoff" sein. Nach vier Minuten Build-Up mit clappigem Loop und geschnittenem sowie vokodiertem Soul Vocal Sample ("Looks like that I love you") entfaltet der bouncige Synthie erst seine volle Pracht. Pure Gänsehaut. Errinert mich ein bisschen an die Releases des Londoner U-Freq Label. Das gesamte Album kommt sowieso sehr housig daher. Spring kreiert die schönsten basischen Beats und Basslines und setzt gern ein paar Stolperer dazwischen, dreht aber immer an den richtigen Reglern. Das klingt immer intuitiv und befindet sich am Ende irgendwo zwischen minimal clickendem Techno, chicagoeskem House und Acid mit genug hypnotischen Vocals wie auf "Listen to Me", um das Rauchen aufzuhören. Ein wirkliches Feel-Good-Release, auf dem John all seinen Einflüssen Respekt zollt.”

IDJ Magazine (UK) 11/2006: “Berlin’s Sub-Static has been going for donkey’s years now, but has never received much attention in the UK, despite being consistently on-point for fans of forward-looking, clubby techno and house. Hopefully, that will change a bit with this debut album from the precociously talented John Spring, whose previous singles have become firm favourites with DJs of a variety of persuasions. Chock full of chunky, spangling bombs, Spring has a knack for teasing out techno’s oft-forgotten fun side; tracks like ‘Kokolores’ and ‘Liebe(r) Nicht’ deftly meld pseudo-menacing hisses and rumbles with roof-raising, cheer-inducing riffs, while the wonderfully languorous organs of ‘Eden’ tread a bizarrely satisfying line between funereal despair and sweat-soaked euphoria. It’s DJ-orientated, for sure, but there’s more than enough character and thump here to appease a wide range of predilections. 4 ”

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