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“India In Me”

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Cobblestone Jazz has been performing live electronic music for five years together. The three members of the group are programmer Tyger Dhula, keyboardists Danuel Tate and Mathew Jonson. The nature of their music balances electronic composition with a live and moving element that results in the exploration of many different styles. Cobblestone is a bit of an anomaly in this day and age of studio refinement, opting to approach music from a performance perspective first, as opposed to recreating studio pieces for their live shows. A large part of this is due to the involvement of Tate, whose background as a jazz musician has led to a large emphasis on playing live. The group’s influences range from jazz and dub to breakbeats and minimal techno, and many points in between. ‘India In Me’ has been one of the highlights of their recent live performances at venues including the Montreux Jazz Festival and Panorama Bar in Berlin. Likened by some to electronic whales singing to each other, the groove undulates and develops constantly over the course of each session. Both tracks are recorded and mixed in a live outboard setting. No pre-arrangement was done; the tracks are just improvised and mixed straight to tape. Both versions share the same principle parts – Mat playing the bassline on an SH-101 and Danuel on Vocoder jamming together – plus atmospherics from Tyger of an early live recording of Danuel playing trumpet through lots of reverb. The A side has a freer composition and broken rhythms while the B side appears straighter, more obviously for a club setting. Both build and destroy dancefloors, capturing minds and feet, waking us up to the unique and unmistakable sound of Cobblestone Jazz. EXCLUDED TERRITORY:ITALY!!!!

WAG018 in the media

AME (Innervisions): “Killer release!!! Coblestone Jazz ist wohl das beste projekt von Mathew Jonson...”

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Rec.): “the new India In Me is a bomb . I love how these guys can take me on a trip and I'm not scared to follow them. I love both sides and I will play it for sure.”

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Rec.): “Amazing Record.. ”

Benoit (Trax Mag FR): “that makes me crazy ”

Cassy Britton (Panorama Bar/ P: “thank you very much!!! this is the track i've been waiting for!!!! 'india in me'. i've heard it a few times already. (I prefer the a side version...)”

Dave Twomy (Samurai fm): “this is killer... definitely chart, definitely play (already did last night on 52nd floor of roppongi hills building here in tokyo)”

Dave Twomy (Samurai fm/ Juice: “the India in Me release is just wonderful... so god damn nice. played it twice on sunday moring at afters such was the demand.”

DJ Karotte: “der näxte überhit auf wagon repair. lief in ibiza schon rauf und runter in meinen sets. die leute drehen auf dem dancefloor komplett durch. eine der platten des jahres!!!”

DJ MAG (UK): “Rating: ******”

DJ T (Get Physical): “one of the best records in this month, another bomb from the Canadians, this record is everything at the same time, techno, house, trance, uplifting, hypnotic, sexy & mindblowing! ”

Donato Dozzy: “have to say this new work from cobblestone jazz is really top notch. both tracks develop in a brilliant way their long running time. finally the bassline. the upbuilding is reminescent of some of the best emmanuel top's tracks. congratulations. i will play this stuff for long time! ”

Gavin Herlihy (Mixmag): “AHHH ITS THAT ONE!!!! Have been chasing this for quite a while! its ace.”

Giles Smith (DJ Mag UK/ secret: “Wow, what can i say. Amazing stuff from Mathew and co..have been playing this one a lot. Beautiful, mysterious and masssive! Would have reviewed but Richard did....”

Groove Charts Nov.: “Groove November Charts- Platz 05”

Groove Magazin (GER): “Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate, Tyger Dhula wollen wohl die Welt retten. Nach der erstaunlichen “Dump Truck” Maxi, die ja eher ruhigere Töne anschlug, hauen die Kanadier wieder in die Esoterik-Rave-Kerbe. Dem Soundtrack eines Schlangenbeschwörers gleich, räkelt sich „India In Me“ über zwei Seiten und insgesamt 25 Minuten, um ganz am Ende noch eine hypnotisierende Roland-303 aus dem Sack zu lassen. Am Ende des Tages bleibt wieder die Einsicht, dass Jonson und seine Crew in einer ganz anderen Liga als der Rest ihrer Kollegen und Verehrer spielen. Krautrock-Unterwasser-Jam-Techno.”

Hector Rodriguez (Stylus): “Can't wait to hear it. I have been seeing peace offering showing up in some impressive charts.”

James Flavour: “cool track. very trippy!”

Jef K: “DOOOPE! 10/10 this is my fave label at was big up guys !!”

Jennifer Cardini: “GREAT RECORD ! ”

Laurent Garnier: “I love it! ”

Lee Smith (I-DJ Magazin UK): “Another sure-fire hit for Cobblestone Jazz. Much more organic than MJ's recent solo stuff, and in my opinion, all the better for it.”

M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical/Kindi: “Thanks for the special service bringing me the ‘India In Me’. It is amazing, just what I was looking for to end the CD. I am now trying to licence it…”

Mike Monday: “Brilliant. No - inspirational. I love both ”

Mike Shannon: “As usual... another dance floor killer from Cobble stone. ”

Mixmag (UK): “rating: **** points”

Monika Kruse: “nummer eins in meine chartzzz. aber : pressung ist schlecht! :(”

Monika Kruse: “The bass will never leave your brain.”

Nick Hoppner (MyMy): “The track is amazing, definitely one of the tunes of the night.”

Sven Väth: “plays it!”

Tobi Neumann: “thanks again for the Cobblestone Jazz. Its a HIIT!! ”

Tobi Neumann: “very very good producion again from cobblestone jazz. i like both versions, especially when the acid comes! vinyl quality is pretty bad. sounds week.. fortunately i have it on cd please repress the vinyl!!”

Woody (Fumakilla): “Will play! ”

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