Takuya Morita

“Embody Ep”

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Takuya Morita (25 years old) is a Japanese producer from Tokyo who recently released 2 first EPs on the well known labels Morris Audio and also the Spanish home label of Alex Under CYMK…he really demonstrated his taste for a minimal syncopated style in the same time weird with cut of voices and click sounds and always keeping a groovy side…he also usually use subtle minimal melodies which definitely make his own style…and it’s for sure with a great enthusiasm we release here an exciting EP with 4 original tracks from Takuya Let’s start with A1/Funky Bounce a minimal bleepy house track groovy and deep it evolves with the add of quircky sounds cut of voices and sweet melody… typical Takuya style : deep and weird enjoy! on A2 /Old Bazaar track is more weird and “catchy” with clicky sounds cut of voices and a real dancefloor orientation..bumpy and melodic! B1/Paper flute is a very groovy tune with an insistant melody synth and basseline…takuya shows here his talent of using a lot of bleepy sounds and keeping the same groove…also urgent to play B2/Waseda hooligan is more straight and tecky with heady melody which evolves during all the track and an insistant synth bassline…always bleepy melodic and so groovy!

FRANKIE016 in the media

DE:BUG (GER): “Rating:****-*****”

De:Bug (GER): “Nach CMYK und Morris Audio jetzt auf Frankie und auch wenn es überraschend jazzig zerrissen zugeht, passt das irgendwie, denn booty ist nur wer auch ein Hirn hat. Japaner sind damit zumeist begnadet. Schon auf "Funky Bounce" bleibt kein Sound allein, sondern wird in einen Whirlpool aus Effekten, Cuts und Dubs geschickt, in dem gelegentlich nur noch eine kleine Spielzeugmelodie helfen kann den Boden wieder zufinden, auf dem es mächtig wobbelt. "Old Bazaar" reduziert den Groove minimaler und spitzt jeden einzelnen Sound fein an. Pumpt aber unermüdlich von unten mit einem Trampolingroove, der seinesgleichen sucht. "Paper Flute" ist der knubbeligste Track der vier und mit "Waseda Hooligan" gibt es auch noch einen kleinen Marsch für all die, die gerne schon mit erhobenen Händen auf dem Dancefloor marschieren. ”

Jeff Samuel: “Hot shit! I just heard it on wordandsound and bought it. Great record man. ”

Luke Solomon (Freaks): “particularily like this yellow one its hot as hell”

Mark Henning (Clever Music, UK: “i really like this release - i would play out all 4 tracks but 'funky bounce' is definitely my favourite.. funky, jiving micro-sampling at its best!!”

Urb mag (US): “25 year old Tokyo native Morita has already impressed with releases on Morris Audio and CYMK, but he's saved his best for Frankie. This syncopated 4 tracker is full of bleeps and weird clicks that form grooves to get you moving. It's 'Waseda Hooligan' on the B-side that'll most appeal to the dancefloor with it's upfront bassline. ”

XLR8R Mag (US): “ Frankie Records strikes again with this sweet 4 tracker from Japanese producer Takuya Morita, who as a few releases on Morris Audio & Cymk. "Embody EP" takes us to choppy land, where quircky samples and bleepy syncopations rule. The grooves are somehow catchy and full of swing. Lovers of the clicks, this one's for you. ”

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