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“hasta la vista baby!” (I’ll be back) and the terminator returned, but instead travelling alone, he was accompanied by SHS Inc. No time for boredom! SHS is going to terminate it on the way to the maximum of perfect clubsound. The question of the name SHS is easily to answer:We are three artists named Rene Suthfeldt, Uwe Hartmann and me, Guido Seifensieder, and we are working as a team to produce the finest electronic music. SHS Inc. does not only produce but also presents its sound on several events. Together we follow the same aims: On the one hand, we want to elate people with our individual sound, and on the other hand, we aspire to establish a creative interchange between each other, which is superficialy particularly important to us. This cooperation puts us in the position to reach qualitatively higher levels of music and at the same time present a larger spectrum of music, which would not be possible to achieve by working individually. Our collaboration reaches other artists, too, and does not stop on a mental level but also includes a technical level. The knowledge and experience as well as the utilisation of the equipment promotes the implementation of ideas and serves as an inspirational resource for the individual. First and foremost, SHS Inc. stands for groundbreaking clubsound that cannot be easily pigeonholed! SHS Inc. represents the edacious attempt of creating and trying something unprecedented !

WIN006 in the media

Josh Wink: “Nice easy going minimal tracks. ”

Raveline (GER): “Rating: ****”

Troy Pierce (Minus, Underline): “rattlesnake is really cool, deep with a good groove.”

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