Mitsuaki Komamura

“Weedis Ep”

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We at Revolver are proud to introduce Mitsuaki Komamura to the world of electronic music with his stunning first EP. He claims to have been born in the mountains of Nagano in a mushroom patch and raised by singing insects (and allegedly birds too). Tokyo’s Mitsuaki Kumamora is also our first Japanese signing. Here he refines and defines as we see the emerging sound of Japanese minimal coming to fruition. With the work of stellar labels like Fumiya Tanaka’s opDisc, and new artists like Akiko Kiyama (rev0018) and Mitsuaki, we at Revolver Canada think the innovation within this music genre continue to span from the east of Europe, to the far east of Asia, soon to be emerging influences on the West. A few months ago, Jeff and Mitsuaki hung out in Shinagawa at a good friends dojo, combing over tracks alongside some tall cans of Asahi. Once the Japanese alcohol allergy kicked in, all decisions were made. SIDE A) 1. WEEDIS : Weedis is so funky we can’t still can’t believe it’s made in Japan. Breathtakingly smooth, broken, and deadly. SIDE B) 1. WIPE SHERBET : Ok… now re-read what we said about Weedis and apply it to Wipe Sherbet, only this time add a scoop full of subtle melody (or raisins). SIDE B) 2. SNOOP SUMMER : A brooding, melodic and emotive track which will fill the head and clear the dancefloor.

REV017 in the media

Angel Molina: “The kind of experimental minimal stuff I like to play, deep, dark & mysterious. B is definitely my side. Full support! ”

De:Bug (GER): “rating: *****”

DJ T: “great bleepy minimal Chicago stuff!!”

Geoffroy Mugwump (Interzone Th: “very interesting stuff. cheerz ”

Giles Smith: “Really diggin "weedis" with its deep, lo-fi groove. ”

Jennifer Cardini: “will play it ! ”

Laurent Garnier: “nice minimalistic funkyness on the A side Will play of course ”

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