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The first release from Todd Sines in 4 years. Featuring vocalist Natacha Labelle, it’s a collision of house, techno, funk and more… underwater pads + organs, throat-like noises and breathy, seductive vocals from Ms. Labelle. Todd Sines comments: “Painstakingly crafted over the course of 4 years, these tracks were individually recorded in 4 different studios in Toronto and New York, with a variety of obstacles to overcome. The transition from Mac OS9 to OSX, Logic to Live, Mac to PC, PC to Mac, Live to Logic, 48.1 to 320 kps MP3 to 44.1khz, analogue to digital, digital to analogue; not to mention 4 major relationships, a few flings, a few intercontinental flights and 6 different apartments. This EP is a testament to the hardships Mr. Sines and his loyal cats have endured over the last 4 years. Thankfully, we have the internet and MySpace.

FRANKIE017 in the media

Chloe: “good tracks to play.”

Claude VonStroke (Dirtybird re: “yeah man so weird ...the A1 Rive Gauche is for my afterhours sets.Thanks!”

Damian Lazarus (Crosstown rebe: “killer ep, thanks for sending it. i actually heard it a couple weeks back whilst pilfering through troy pierce's laptop, i almost stole it and im pleased i didnt as it was on my desk when in arrived home. so i got the tune and didnt have to feel guilty about it. excellent - especially thick satin... but all killer!! ”

Damien Almira (Coda Mag FR): “Todd Sines is one of my hero, i enjoy played this track at my DJ residence @ Rex Club! ”

DE:BUG (GER): “ Überraschend, Todd Sines, von dem man zur Zeit ja wirklich nicht viel hört, hier auf dem Label von Frankie wiederzufinden. Und so ganz passt das auch nicht in den Labelsound, aber die Tracks pumpen sehr funky, und mit den Vocals von Natacha Labelle wirken sie auch noch extrem deep und bringen einem auf eine unerwartete Weise eine Art von House zurück, die man immer vermisst. Sehr dreckig im Sound, aber verdammt subtil in den Effekten, und Ideen, die die Tracks immer sehr außergewöhnlich klingen lassen. Ich denke mal Frankie hat sich völlig zurecht von den Tracks verführen lassen. bleed •••••”

Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral reco: “Very Frankie, and un-Franike at he same time. More organic than I was expecting, but something I think I will carry with me a long time, and cant wait to have on vinyl!!!... Thick Satin one of my faves from that cd, and what youve done with this version is blow it out of the FUCKING WATER!!! This is my gem from this EP.”

DJ MAG (UK) Giles Smith: “Much more like it! Here's forthcoming review from DJ: TODD SINES - BROAD BAND (Frankie) 4.5* Super slick ep from Mr Sines which fits very nicely into the labels sound which always manages to combine, deep, jackin and minimal influences. "Rives Gauche" is totally off the wall with its fat beats, darn right weird synth stabs and cut n paste groove . "In_Come" is probably my favourite here with its lo-fi, yet tight, crisp groove, slick heads down drum programming and moodymanesque bassline. "Thick Satin" a recent favourite of Magda and Troy Pierce's is surprisingly the most groovy and accesible here with its warm breathy female vocal and bumpin feel. Last up "Elastiq" is probably the most experimental here with its dub inspired drums, deep chords and crazy production tricks.”

DJ T: “The A2-Track does it for me!”

Fabrice Lig (f com): “Rive gauche & Thick Satin excellent tracks!...manages to do tracks between House and super funky techno ...perfect for every kind of dj set...will play it tonight!”

Geoffroy Mugwump: “killer jacking weirdo trax...totally up mein strasse.”

Ivan Smagghe: “love it”

Jesse Rose (Front Room Rec): “nice release. cheers. jesse.”

Jesse Rosse: “DOPE! Need the vinyl asap!”

John Tejada:: ““Yes I know Todd, he's a niiace! High five!! full support!!!!! Blowing up dancefloors in your pants!!!!!... really interesting sound design on the record while keeping a good groove... i do think it's a good record and a nice bit of fresh air to all the overflow out” ”

Karotte: “thick satin ist ein brett. dezember charts NO.3”

Laurent Garnier: “B2 is my track realy like that ”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Revolv: “Nice work from Mr.Sines. Frankie keeps Jack alive! ”

Only For Dj’s (FR): “Review by Ludovic Rambaud ”

Philip Sherburne: “absolutely lovely record. here's the copy of my review for the wire (jan or feb 2007): TODD SINES BROAD_BAND Frankie 12" It's been a while since I've heard anything new from Todd Sines, and he surprises here, diverging both from the relatively and worthily "deep"/"soulful" sound he presented on records for Residual and Planet E, but also diverging from the skippy and relatively upbeat house of virtually every Frankie release so far. This turns out to be a good thing: "Rive Gauche" echoes the aliasing of Radio Slave's "My Bleep" and the spooky séance techniques of Dinky's recent material, pairing it with a dryly funky bass line. With layer upon layer of whir and vocal coos, the whole thing has the effect of an underwater attempt at a disk defrag, the kind of web-fingered kluge of which Drexciyans might approve. With their resonant organs and yearning voices, "In Come" and "Thick Satin" are a little more like the Sines we know, but they're still marked with a powdery dryness that sets them apart. "Elastic" rounds out the EP with a lumbering, almost Schaffel rhythm that's circled by hungry organs and go-nowhere vocal snippets, every bar a funhouse reflection of the one before. ”

Philip Sherburne (,: “the todd sines record is really good... a bit darker than usual for your label! really like both A-side cuts a lot, gonna see where i might be able to review them...”

Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee records: “Yeap! Tood Sines is back on the track... Love all 4 tracks! ”

Sasse (Moodmusic): “great fourtracker, like b2. funky! ”

Tobi Neumann: “on for my loved deep house collection.. need the right moments and the right party for it, than it works and it sounds very good. i like it!”

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