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News from the anti claves-biter fraction: Sub Static-label boss FALKO BROCKSIEPER follows suit and warms up for the next album-quantum-leap, however, as a finger exercise first, there is this small, fine EP with three elegantly knitted smashers for the DJ from world. As usual this man simply shakes the funk out of the sleeves, so he can afford to pass big music already for the aperitif, which is always best for the meal, right? “Esque” builds up the break culture quite high, without falling however, as the pleasantly massaging bass foundation stands firmly against wind and tide. This is the club counterpart to the lightning rod, bundling the crowd’s attention perfectly and focusing it to one point, between a glass of vodka (located at the DJ-booth) and the horizon (in the head, man, in the head!). A track like this has already shattered glass just by the pure will to party, after what we’ve heard.The B Side then serves extremely multifarious cure of souls, at first by masterly picturesque melodies in a precisely filleted beat, followed by an even deeper dodge in terms of weightlessness with whitecap.This EP has something for everyone, without being a rummage table, this can only be music by good people - the old Greeks already knew this. And if they didn’t, their downfall is no longer a surprise.

SUBSTATIC62 in the media

Anja Schneider (Mobilee): “Playlist, Under the blue Moon!”

BPM Mag (USA): “Label boss and brilliant synthesist alike, this tricky little EP sneaks up behind you and slaps you just when you aren’t looking. The mix starts out with a funk shaking minimal groove, but as soon as the tickling melody develops at the break, a mighty syncopated bass jam releases in full force. Spatial effects and one off hits make for an interesting piece. (Praxis)”

DJ T (Get Physical): “"Just Dazing" is my favourite from this swinging one from Falco Brocksieper”

Groove Magazin (GER): “In der Tanzmusik wird oft die Funktionalität der Tracks gegen ihre Kreativität ausgespielt. In diesen drei gelungenen Techno-Stücken von Falko Brocksieper passiert das Gegenteil: Hier wird das Funktionale als künstlerische Herausforderung behandelt. Die Grooves der Tracks haben eine große Dynamik und bewahren trotzdem eine spielerische Leichtigkeit. Die Sounds sind immer sehr originell und spezifisch, spielen sich aber nie zu sehr in den Vordergrund. Zu einem Überraschungshit könnte „Homecoming“ werden: ein aufs Minimum reduzierter, tippender Groove mit magischen Bleeps und einer in endlosen Variationen entwickelten Synthie-Figur, die eine so irisierende wie irritierende Wirkung hat.”

James Mowbray: “Thanks for the new tracks. Esque is superb, really like it. Will be playing lots. ”

Jeff Samuel: “wow, this is the best stuff falko has ever done. strong support from me.”

John Tejada: “thanks for the new single. the last split i really loved. i play the track all the time. ”

Laurent Garnier: “very good A side will definitely play it out ”

Mike Monday: “Shonky Remix - Deep and totally infectious. I dropped this last weekend to rapturous reception. ooooooooooh yessssssssssss... Falko remix - SHAKE YA PANTS BABY! Like pretty much everything he touches, I love it.”

philip sherburne: “whew, after just a few spins i feel like i've been listening to all three tracks forever. deep, deep hooks that sink in and don't go away. title track's a cheeky groover somewhere between poker flat and mobilee, "homecoming" is nice and dark, and "just dazing" goes for the retro vibe. solid tracks, all three.”

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