Bjoern Stolpmann

“Since I Was Ep”

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Finest detroit influenced minimal techno tracks produced by bjoern stolpmann from onitor/kailash/tongut! Incl. ivo “he’s a dancing machine” deutschmann remix! “since i began to be” is a huge techno stomper with deep freakin’ sounds. after a little break bjoern show’s us his interpretation of acoustic weapons for the dancefloor! ivo deutschmann (one of the tracks from his first ep on karateklub was signed by minus for magda’s mix compilation) did a great remix-job of the main song. on the flipside you will find two excellent and beautyfull rocking tracks but more minimal. Karateklub welcomes bjoern stolpmann!

KK014 in the media

Delon & Dalcan (Boxer): “ I really like "since i began to be" rmx, crazy dancefloor sounds ;) "lowalander " is good too”

Electric Indigo (Female Pressu: “ i like the release, especially the ivo deutschmann remix (evenif the break is not so much my cup of tea...) and trust takes time.”

Karotte: “b2 find ich gut!!! i like it.”

Markus Lange (Craft Music/Pock: “ The Original of Since I Began To Be is a groovy wired song... like it”

Prins Thomas (Eskimo / Full Pu: “ Liking both ivo deutschmann remix and trust takes time(actually...lowlander is quite cool as well). same as with the other record, pitched down a little bit (and in my cased mixed up with a little bit of disco ;) ”

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