“Pergolia Ep”

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Orders fromMon, 26 Mar 2007
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What a bassline! Both tracks will push you through walls - amazing! Aldenta is a hypnotic stomper with incredible loops and bleeps, for all fans of cadenza and all that stuff! Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner (remember: “you are i” on supdub) give there best to let the people freak out on the dancefloor - what should I say - they did it! pergolia is a huge soundmonster wich blow your mind away, but don’t forget to listen to the oscar remix!

KK015 in the media

Ivan Smagghe (Strobe): “ i am not a man of many compliments... but the oscar remix of "pergolia" is the best track i've heard in months... amazing and exactly what i want to play now. ”

Karotte: “ich mag die a1. gute nummer. auch der oscar rmx gefällt.”

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