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It took a good one and a half years to see these two gentlemen reunite again. Pro’s may know why. You can only create so much quality work that it’s good to take some time off now and then to get back on it with refreshed senses, new gear and new ideas. This 3 tracker is the start of a string of new 12’s and simply “multiplies” everything good in John and Arian’s music. The motion, the funk, the accurate timing, the control, the tension, the groove, the deepness, the classic techno-ness, and the oh my goodness” kick assivity! :) Check out the ultra intense, sturdy “Multiplier,” a hard rocking deep dark tune layered with modular synth madness. Flip to the B for “Mathemagician,” the “Mono On Mono” update you’ve been waiting for. Closing out the single, another analog scorcher “Synthescheizer” does it’s damage with 2 MS-20s side by side. No plug ins on this release, just good old dirty hardware.

PALETTE044 in the media

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Rec.): “Very cool. Love this couple so much..palette strikes again. yep ! ”

Chloe: “the whole ep is a bomb”

fu=nkd\'void: “please do a bad mix john, it's embarrassing the rest of us....”

Groove Magazin (GER): “ John Tejada & Arian Leviste Multiplier (Palette 44/Word And Sound) John Tejada Wavescraper (Palette 45/Word And Sound) John Tejadas „Wavescraper" ist ein annehmbares Clubtool, wesentlich spannender ist da „Model 12", bei dem die Maschinen so lebendig singen wie einst bei Plastikman: das ist funky und macht Spaß, sehr gelungener Track. „Symmetry" ist Musik ins Klischee getrieben, dieses Strickmuster sollte 2007 endgültig aus der Mode sein. Seine EP mit Arian Leviste hält mit „Multiplier" einen Clubgroover bereit, der effektiv zum Tanz einlädt. Die B-Seite hält mit „Mathemagician" und „Sythescheizer" zwei große Hits bereit. Erstgenannter überflutet mit seinem neonfarbenen Sound die Tanzfläche und rockt gewaltig. Auf den Punkt. AB”

Karotte: “a1 und b1 sind richtig klasse. i like it.”

Philip Sherburne: “After their last collaborative album I expected something much more low-key from this; very happy to discover that this is actually pretty damn clubby. The B-side tracks are fun, but not totally my style-- a little more electrodisco (and kinda "funny") than I play. But the A-side is a great early night cut, riding the line between being analog and digital in inspiration. Love the lonely train-whistle sound in the background.”

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