“Thick As Thieves”

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WINK - does this name need any further introduction? Philadelphia based Josh Wink is one of the pioneers of techno and allied styles. He started to release records around 1992 and presented us some musical milestones such as „Don’t Laugh“, „Higher State Of Consciousness“, „Are You There“ and „How Is Your Evening So Far?“, but he also supported the development of electronic music by running his own label imprint „Ovum Recordings“, famous for releases by David Alverado, DJ Pierre, King Britt, Steve Bug and of course his own 12“es. This man has such an extraordinary and unique artist profile - chapeau monsieur! Now, this is his debut 12“ on Poker Flat, beside his remix for Steve Bug’s Loverboy way back in 1999. The vinyl holds two strong tracks in typical WINK style, both infected with his sophisticated 303 lines. That’s why we love this guy so much. The a-side presents us with „Thick As Thieves“ as the title track. Almost ten minutes of WINK-ish madness, modulation and transformation easily proves his top position in the complex world of electronic dance music. „Acid Tonic“ on the flip side brings us some timeless and funky acid. Going on and on and on and on… superb work that will drive your crowd completely nuts! Thanks.

PFR84 in the media

Chloe (Crack&Speed): “"Thick as thieves": this track is amazing, Wink style!!”

D'Julz (Ovum): “"strong ep,i will play both tracks " ”

Damien Almira (Dj Styles) F: “Nice to hear him again! ”

DJ F.E.X. (Systematic): “crazy track from our untwisted guy, full support! ”

Emmerson: “"absolutely awesome tune AGAIN, this guy is fuckin awesome,...thick as thieves is the shit and does it best for me"”

Karotte: “mega hit bei mir auf der time warp 2007. die a seite ist der absolute burner. danke josh!!!”

Laurent Garnier: “Josh is the maaaan as always i love both sides ”

Matthias Tanzmann (Cargo Editi: “yeah yeah yeah! love it! ;o)”

MIKE MONDAY ( Playtime, London: “YESSSS!!! Both tracks at the top of my playlist, but especially Acid Tonic, it just rocks when the extra bassline comes in at the end. FAT. ”

SIAN (Pokerflat): “"great!very cool ep,title track rules!" ”

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