“Darling, Incl Rmxs By M.shannon, P.osuna”

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The 20th release on frankie records! Celebrating with a 2x12″ pack including exceptionnally 10 tracks! with original stuffs from Frankie on the 1st record and eclectic hot remixes from Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon repair), Paco Osuna (Plus 8, Mindshake), Massi DL (Frankie, Leftroom, Safari) and Frankie On the 1st record, 6 tracks from Frankie with this original funky weird tech-house showing different personnal approaches dry and unpredictable stuffs On the 2nd record , we start with Hunt track (frankie015) remixed by Mike Shannon owner of Cynosure records (remember also his recent class release on Wagon repair) who turns the original into a deeper subtil groovy way with a more mental funky approach…perfect for your mind and your legs…the c2 is the Detour track (frankie012) remixed by Paco Osuna definitely in a (very!) big form who produces here a huge remix in the way of his recent Crazy EP on Plus 8 rec. WOW!…on c2 another great remix of Storm track (frankie011) by Massi DL who strikes again (after his recent 1UP bomb EP (Frankie018) with his typical jack’in feelin …don’t miss his use of huge synths!…and finally the tune “Minimal mushrooom"remixed by frankie…to sum up a concentrate of powerfull and original dancefloor stuffs!

FRANKIE020 in the media

Ambivalent(M_NUS/CLINK/KLICKHA: “ I can't decide which I like best! A LOT of great tracks on here. Fantastic remixes by Paco Osuna, Mike Shannon and Massi DL. Frankie's style definitely shines through on this. One of my favorites this year. ”

Chris Duckenfield: “registering an impressive 8 on the 'bloopometer' this is the sound of amplified coco pops and people dueling with scaffolding, probably.”

Claude v. Stroke (Dirty Bird): “ “Pero” is now one of my new favorite songs. It actually sounds like there is a little digital dog whimpering for food. J I also like Cavalacade and Dig It All very much. One of these will probably go on the mix compilation I am doing."”

Dustin Zhan(Enemy Records-Mind: “ "The remixes from Paco, Massi, and Frankie are sick! Paco's is great for the afterhours, Massi's is HUGE for peak time sets and Frankie's remix is just as good as the original may ”

Electric Indigo: “super platte! besonders a1, b2 und frankies mushroom mix find ich toll.”

Fabrice Lig (fcom): “ good project with remixes .the whole tracks are interesting & amazing Like much this stye. Like the most Bagoo and cavalcade also Paco Osuna remix and Mike shannon remix are very good...thanks for these. Very good LP! ”

Giles Smith: “More insane off the wall shit form Frankie”

Jeff Milligan: “"dig it all" is my favourite cut. and of course the mike shannon remix of "hunt" is killer too. my copy is soaked in beer right now. ”

Jeff Samuel (Trapez, Pokerflat: “ great tracks! my choice cut is Pero. sick sick track only you could make. also the massie DL mix is really effective on the dancefloor, great crowd response at panorama bar over the weekend! great stuff man, this will get plenty of plays from me.”

John Tejada (Palette Rec): “ your disc is really fucking cool man. "fit" is perfect, and "darling" sounds like early orbital on a bad acid trip hehe. bagoo is really cool as well. i like the whole thing. on the remix disc i like the paco osuma remix and the shannon rmx. although they sound more like current minimal to me and i think your music outshines that by far. i'll try to get one from word and sound. definitely need a real copy of this. ”

Jorge Savoretti(Esperanza,Home: “overall a very solid release, nice grooves on every version... i'll play fit and mike shannon remix! ”

Laurent Garnier: “super funky fucked up shit lot's of things to play in there ”

MarcAshken(Leftroom): “all the ep is crazy sick!i love all the tracks. ”

Marcin Czubala (Mobilee): “ "Interesting and very dj friendly record. Chicago influenced. My favourite track is Cavalcade but I also like the remixes from Paco Osuna and Mike Shannon. Anyway the winner is Massi DL's Xango remix of the Storm track! Great! " ”

Mark s krùx (URB mag, USA): “ Dark, funny, minimal and complex all at the same time. Definitely my favorite Frankie tracks for a long time. Remixes are cool too...especially like the one from Paco, that's one bad ass track.”

Matt Tolfrey (Crosstown Rebels: “ Pick of the bunch for me are the short ones in Bagoo and Cavalcade. Always loved Frankie's material, and all of these do not dissapoint. Shannon remix is good for the early hours, Paco's is good for the build up, and Massi's is the finisher. Thank god we have a Frankie remix on the way for Leftout ”

Philip Sherburne ( Earplug /XL: “ this record is fucking sweet! i'm losing my mind over "darling" and paco osuna's mix of "detour" is also brilliant... still absorbing the rest, but i'm really feeling this one. nice job! ”

Seuil(Eklo Music/Einmaleins): “ i listened to the release,really cool!!!my favorite are cavalcade, shannon remix, pero, and massi DL remix ”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “i will play out.”

Tom Clark: “a really cool compilation. all solid and twisted track from the frankie lab. ”

Troy Pierce(M_nus): “Like it! ”

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