“Maffia Ep Rmxs ( Barem & Camea )”

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The series of remixes on previous releases of Einmaleins is being continued and this time under the microscope of Buenos Aires Barem (Minus,Foundsound) and New York Camea (Clink,Klickhaus) is the “Maffia Ep” by Pan-Pot. On the A side Barem’s interpretetion is pressed with characterised snares and swirling techno sounds, a tight techno track that is grooving and rolling all 7min. on the Bside, Camea gives us her individual point of view on the track’s components. cuts, and falling sounds, a lovely background of noises are the parts of this straight techno track that can make the dancefloor shake!

EINMALEINS021 in the media

Ben Parris (Foundsound): “ The Barem remix i already have and i've been playing it....the Camea remix is really dope too, sure to get some airtime when i'm in zurich and berlin next week !!”

Bigshot Mag (USA): “(Einmaleins Musik/GER) Continuing the remix series from the previous catalog, this classic Pan Pot release is now under the sequencer scissors of Barem and Camea. Swirling techno sounds and pounding grooves, Barem’s interpretation is straight for the dancefloor at 2am. Expect hard hits and snappy snares as this massive mix shuttles ahead. Camea takes a more contemporary approach, adding falling electro waves and more subtle cuts. Praxis ”

Chris Duckenfield: “Blimey ! this is like having your head repeatedly dunked in a vat of warm jam while someone drops 5 tons of paperclips on a metal sheet right next to you”

Jeff Samuel (Spectral Sound): “Thanks for the music...the Camea mix may find its way into some afterhours sets for me. Looking forward to the next releases! ”

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza): “ Camea's remix is a total killer! love it :) ”

Karotte: “yes. barem hat aus dem klasse original einen ebenso klasse remix gemacht. tolle platte.”

Lee Smith: “Barem's mix is the one - sharp snares, simple but loud bass, and a highly DJ-friendly arrangement. Nice.”

Mark Henning (Clever, Foundsou: “ i played the barem remix twice last week.. went down very well.. great tune! :)”

Stephan Stephensen: “A1 FOR ME! ACE! :) PREZUPPORT!”

Subculture (Germany): “ Nun haben sich Barem und Camea an einen Teil der Maffia E.P. Tracks (eimaleins004) gewagt und den Track „Lancelot von Camelot“ gezogen und ihn durch ihre Künstlerischen Hände bearbeitet und interpretiert. Barem hat so wie wir seine Kunst kennen, ein kraftvolles, druckvolles Musikstück gezaubert, das in der Bassreflexspule so ein starkes Magnetfeld erzeugt, das die Glühbirnen im Takt flackern. Camea kennen wir ja als herforagenden Weiblichen Artist.,Sie hat hier ihre Impressionen wiedergegeben und interessante Acid Synths eingebaut, die so richtig unter die Haut gehen. Diese Platte ist für jeden Minimalfreund ein muss. ”

Süz (Archipel: “ LOVE the Barem remix..Well done on this release !! ”

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