“Slow City Life Ep”

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Superb feedback by Electric Indigo, Geoffroy Mugwump, Jimpster, Will Saul, Laurent Garnier (biggest track for me at moment) Karotte. While local officials in Iceland are concerned about low fish levels and the impact it’s having on local economies, an enterprising young group of Icelanders have embarked on a new plan to save Iceland from impending disaster. These young heroes have taken it upon themselves to shift Iceland from a small fish based economy to a larger electronic music based world superpower. Pushing past the annoying Bjorkish stereotypes, they are proving that omega fatty acids truly do trigger the musical creativity centers in the brain. And now the world is finally getting to see the results. Leading the rebellion from his small village of fisherman/electronic producers is Asli. With “Slow Potion” he takes the cold barren landscape of Iceland, marries it with the deep soul of New York (think Ibadan or Objektivity) and then throws in a hint of banging German minimalism (think Kompakt vs Mobilee). And what comes out is truly a dancefloor masterpiece - beautiful and at the same time a full ‘hands in the air’ peaktime banger. Classical strings joined by electronic beats and a throbbing bassline. Lucky for Iceland, even luckier for the world. On the flip side with “East City Life”, he takes it even deeper. Minimal yet groovy, Asli builds us a perfect track for the late night tripped out sessions that are even more common when you only experience 3 hours a day of sunlight. Us foreigners may not understand what can grow in such little sunlight but whatever it is, it is most certainly psychedelic. Iceland has now been saved from disaster. Long live Iceland.

TFR005 in the media

James Flavour: “Interesting stuff. Support!”

Alex from Tokyo (Innervisions): “I love "Slow Potion", this is my type of deep track! LOVE IT!!”

Bigshot Mag (USA): “Beware, as there is an Icelandic rebellion towards the loss of fish export, and the shift is moving towards peak time tech-house audio. Adding the chill from the barren landscape of Iceland with the deep soul from NYC, this solid release adds the right amount of German bangin’ minimalism to make the party jack. Throbbing bass allotments, classical strings and more cowbell are all products of what three hours of sunlight a day can do. Praxis”

Chris Duckenfield: “quality stuff Elevated four and a half feet above forgettable but still a good quarter mile away from classic”

Electric Indigo: “beide seiten gefallen mir gut.”

Geoffroy Mugwump (Hi-Phen): “the press release says it all...mindblowing and bound to last.”

Giles Smith: “Cool. Definitely some fresh ideas here. "Slow Potion" has a great groove but is slightly ruined by the slightly cheesy strings, but "East City" has no such glitches and is perfect for summer”

Jimpster (Freerange): “Brilliant Stuff. Top quality and going in the box.. Keep it up..”

Karotte: “die a seite zur richtigen uhrzeit am morgen da fliegen alle schön dahin. klasse nummer.”

Laurent Garnier: “ Lovely Deepness from Asli - full support!”

Laurent Garnier: “this is one of my biggest track at the moment absolutely stunning”

Lee Smith: “Love the a1 - I'm always a sucker for strings, and these strings are done really nicely. Good work.”

Muallem (Compost): “Really like Slow Potion, what a massive detroit-y track. The beat combination in combination is really inspiring!! Will definitely chart and play these. Keep on rockin!!!”


Will Saul (Simple Records/Aus: “'Slow Potion' is right up my street - great chords and a lovely groove. Keep up the great work!”

Zak Frost (Drum Cult / Nodisko: “ really like both mixes.. good work! will chart/support... ”

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