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“Dr . Pyckle And Mr . Pryde”

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Cologne’s Canadian PAN/TONE could already bless Sub Static with two true hit EP’s in 2004, which are still found in the well-assorted DJ-Bags, of course covered with the obligatory patina of whisky and Jaegermeister. After several side-projects as “Sid LeRock” and “Gringo Grinder” PAN/TONE is now back with “Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde” - a title that already anticipates the duality of this EP! “The Tear Jerker” is one of these elegiac anthems, building up more and more despite all aloofness, in a way you never want it to end. Great break, great feelings - all inclusive! On the flipside “Indian Giver” resurrects the momories of the good old School Of Cologne - back then, when minimal was still pristine, and the groove as the fundamental element was still worth something. As a bonus there’s a remix by Kimberly & Clark, accentuating the track with some bleepy bliss, and loads of 808.

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BPM Mag (US): “PAN/TONE Dr. Pyckle And Mr. Pryde (Sub Static) Characterizing the duality of this EP, the title accurately suggests the variation of tracks found here. The first mix one of those elegiac anthems that keeps building with each piano note, and continues to expand as the reverse strings and pitch-modulated overtones brighten the track. Flip for a heavier minimal jam suggestive of the Cologne of yesteryear. Kimberly & Clark remix the simple jam into a 808 assortment of round beats and clanking highs. (Praxis) ”

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