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Wagon Repair only releases the best in new electronic music, and this time offers the debut release of ‘Glacier’, a collaboration between Pier Bucci and Crazy Larry, fresh faces with fresh ideas. In his first release for Wagon Repair, Chilean Pier Bucci combines rhythms and melodies with a Latin twist and a hint of German efficiency. His debut album on Crosstown Rebels,’Familia’, was one of the highlights of 2005 and Pier has also released a blissful downtempo album ‘Introducing Light and Sound’ with Luciano as Monne Automne. Crazy Larry comes out of Denver, Colorado, and this is also his first release on Wagon Repair. Prior releases on FISM and Auralism have established him as an exciting new talent in the community. Opener ‘Fall River Road’ moves from a minimal step with a latin flavour into avalanches of synth before chiming and bubbling into a busy fluster. Signature touches of both artists are audibly present throughout this night time hot step. ‘Rocky Mountains’ moves with a purposeful pulse, reverberations and intermittent tones leading into a buzzing downbeat synth hook. Resolved in a bouncing climax with a double time exit to master the masses. ‘Ultrasonic Humidifier’ pushes forward amidst white static, metallic echoes and plush key meanderings, which climb to form a melody that lifts heavenly and drops to the depths in a rich and colourful sensory spectrum.

WAG027 in the media

Chris Duckenfield (Swag): “As always with Wagon repair - Great early morning, hypnotic tackle”

De:Bug (GER): “Glacier sind Per Bucci und Crazy Larry, ein Produzenten aus Denver. Drei Tracks, die entspannt bouncen, mal in dezentes Acid-affines Synthiegeschmatze übergehen oder diese Sonnenaufgangsmelodien, für die Pier Bucci und der Rest der Chile-Connection berüchtigt sind, gekonnt über den Groove träufeln. Sehr solide Sache. sven.vt••••”

Derek Taylor (M8): “Charted! This is minimal tech-house done in the proper way. Always keeping your attention. Favourite has to be the spine chilling 'Ultrasonic Humidifier'. All 3 tracks though are superb and will be playing a lot. The best Wagon release for a while I think. ” “ La Wagon Repair di Vancouver ci offre il primo tassello della carriera di Glacier, punto d'incontro tra il cileno Pier Bucci e l'americano Crazy Larry. Da un lato assistiamo alla manifestazione di ritmi e melodie dal gusto latino (ricordate "Familia" su Crosstown Rebels?) mentre dall'altro al rimbombo dei tipici intrecci percussivi made in U.S.A., ben calibrati mediante uscite su Fism ed Auralism. Dall'unione di queste due scuole di pensiero viene fuori proprio "Fall River Road" che però, oltre a rappresentare un tool minimale ravvivato da sparpagliati effetti liquefatti, non offre altro. Trovo che sia più intrigante "Rocky Mountains" in cui la capacità degli autori d'incrociare pochi suoni ma azzeccati viene messa in luce grazie ad un costrutto da cui si erge un bassline intermittente e pulsante combinato a suoni meno astratti del solito. Sul lato b, con "Ultrasonic Humidifier", si torna a battere la strada dei ritmi metallici, liquidi e scivolosi, riedizione del più datato minimal che negli anni novanta viveva nei meandri dell'underground e che oggi, grazie ad una massiccia produzione (soprattutto tedesca) è riuscito a saltare la staccionata e ritagliarsi una scena propria lasciando ben poco spazio ad altre tipologie sonore. Un disco che si può proporre senza fatica e senza paura ma che lascia dietro di sè pochi spunti innovativi a cui invece la Wagon Repair pareva fare più affidamento sino a qualche mese fa.”

EQ Magazin (UK): “ When you look for fine examples of new electronic music, Canadian Wagon Repair is an ideal reference point. With names like Mathew Jonson and Konrad Black behind it and releases from artists like Cobblestone Jazz, Lazy Fat People, Minilogue to name a few you know what we are talking about. This EP sees another exciting duo of producers teaming up to collaborate under the Glacier moniker. Chilean Pier Bucci and Crazy Larry from Denver are the two names at work here. Distinctive touches from both artists are recognasible: synth meets Latin tinctures. (NDC) ”

Found Sounds (Marky & Simon/DJ: “ ‘Ultrasonic Humidifier’ is our favourite.”

Karotte: “huch. mal was anderes auf wagon repair. toller pier bucci sound. für mich gut zum start der nacht. i like it.”

Laurent Garnier: “brilliant as allways ”

Mike Shannon: “Bucci get's chilli with Glacier... Wagon Repair's still on the attack... Keep em coming.”

Vibe Mag (GER): “Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Zusammenarbeit auf musikalischer Basis vom Chilenen Pier Bucci mit dem Amerikaner Crazy Larry. Beide veröffentlichen das erste Mal bei Wagon Repair. Auf der Vorderseite stehen 2 normale Ausrüstungen zur Verfügung. Größere Aufmerksamkeit verdient die B-Seite „Ultrasonic Humidifier“. Bedacht wickelt jene den Zuhörer ziemlich unauffällig ein. Die Wege in die Berglandschaften sind klar mit Schildern gekennzeichnet und von den sicheren Pfaden wird nicht ausgewichen, obwohl es einige interessante Entdeckungen abseits dieser zu machen gibt.”

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