Laj And Quakerman

“Vinyl Frontier”

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Exciting news from the re-activated Hairy Claw label that has been lying dormant for a while. As you know, Bears shouldn’t be taken for granted when sleeping and this one has awaken to devastating effect. Laj & Quakerman have been dormant (remember what we said about sleeping bears?!) since 2002 and many fans of their tracks on Fiasco and The Idjut Boys’ U-Star will be very excited to hear of thismonster on Hairy Claw. Two tracks entitled ‘Vinyl Frontier’ and ‘Lust in Space’ are sure to get plays from the widest spectrum of DJs while keeping their old fanbase intact. Live drum rhythms, bleeps, moody synths and latino marracas…I can see this freakin out alot of bunnies! It’s a space party for future Bears on a mission to jack. Raj Gupta (for it is he) has released under several guises for labels as respected as Nuphonic, Session, Noid, R&S, Strutt, Mr Bongo…the list goes on… We’ll tell you more nearer release date but for now… GRRRR!!!!! ROOOAAARRGGHHH!!!

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