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“Cp Styre Ep”

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Feedbacks:TROY PIERCE - “Excellent! All of the tracks are really cool, stripped down… herbert vs dancemania. Maybe Cpstyre is my fave but it’s really to hard to say. Sick e.p."OLIVER KLEIN - “Digital Sex Pack! Good work!"WILLIAMS - “This is awesome bumpy house! The perfect remedy to the minimal overload."JEFF SAMUEL - “Big supporter of Frankie Records, both b-side cuts will get plenty of plays from me."MIKE MONDAY - “Exactly my bag - been a big fan of Frankie for some time and I love Frankie’s album, so VERY happy you’ve got the label on board!!! :-) This is SICK. SIMON BAKER - “Yeh like this. Will Play Gulleffjun and Orangutango."NICK WARREN - “Cpstyre is very good."CASS - “AMAZING! - I don’t it’s ever happened before where all 4 tracks off an EP are this good. - Stunning work from the Donk Boys, Frankie Records and Hyper for dishing this filth out. It’s got everything i love, minimal without being boring, quirky without being stupid, interesting without trying too hard. It’s the kind of record I would buy, and that’s the very highest compliment I can give."JIMPSTER - “Yeah, like the minimal funk of the Sex Pack. Nice tool. oo-er."JENNIFER CARDINI - “Good EP!"SHINEDOE - “Digital Sex Pack. Nice one.

FRANKIE023 in the media

CHRISTIAN SMITH(SMITH&SELWAY): “ “Excellent, wicked label… full support! Lecker!””

De:Bug (GER): “Donk Boys - Cpystre (Frankie) Thomas Jaldemark und Martin Abrahamsson stecken hinter Donk Boys, und während ich immer noch am letzten Frankie Release herumkaue, das für mich eins der größten des Jahres ist, rockt es schon wild spleenig und quietschig weiter. "Cpystre" ist purer digitaler minimaler Jumpup für all die die Mashups aus der zweiten Dance Mania Generation mit Dan Bell brauchen. Äh, also für mich. Oder gibt es da sonst noch wen? Für die Fundamentalisten des holzigen Housesounds gibt es dann auf der Rückseite das böse knorrig flippige "Gullefjun", das sämtliche Kronkorken in euren dritten Zähnen sprengt und dazu noch den Soul eines hundertjährigen Bluesspezialisten hat. "Orangutango" poltert im Keller herum, räumt ordentlich auf, und lässt bis in die Dachkammer alle Puppen tanzen. Digital gibts noch "Sex Pack", das - als wenn ichs hören könnte - verlockend klingt, auch wenn es nicht der erste Track mit diesem Namen ist. bleed •••••”

IDJ MAG Tune of The Month!: “KAI 1 – (iDJ – TECHNO) – TUNE OF THE MONTH AUGUST - A damn near perfect record of minimal psy-funk, from this Swedish pair on the French Frankie Records. ‘Cpstyre’ itself stands out and is great fun to mix as it rolls on and on with a constant bubbling rhythm delving deeper into its technoid delusion. ‘Gulefjun’ is similarly pleasing adding a demented vocal into the mix while the main rubbery rhythm works its magic across the speakers while ‘Orangutango’ is a little more pounding and just as effective. All are extremely playable! K1 ***** Top Tune ”

Jeff samuel (pokerflat, spectr: ““Big supporter of Frankie Records, both b-side cuts will get plenty of plays from me.””

Josh Wink (Ovum): “ of the label. It's a good consistent release for them. Minimal with the nyc swing. I dig. THanks”

MISTRESS DE FUNK (RADIO 1): ““Really like this, Gullefjun is mega!! Never heard of these guys but its a great release, very wonky!””

OLIVER KLEIN: ““Digital Sex Pack! Good work!””

ONE WEEK TO LIVE - F: “ONLY FOR DJ’S – FRANCE - Le label français continue de livrer d'excellentes galettes de minimal funk. 'Gullefjun' est très sautillant, avec une petite cloche et un vocal coupé qui rend le tout bien freaky. 'Orangutango' est dans le même esprit avec un groove tenace et des petits sons rigolos. Enfin, le groove est encore plus fort sur 'Cpstyre', avec un tas de bleeps et un son electro qui monte et descend. Funky ! (LU) *** ”

ONE WEEK TO LIVE - UK: “ONE WEEK TO LIVE - UK – Hmm, two Swede artists releasing a record on a French label – I wonder what this will sound like? Well, actually, its not what you think – this is pretty far from the compressed bouncy house one would expect from a collaboration of those two fine countries. This is minimal techno at its wonky best. Whistles, clicks, crackles, glitches and other indescribable little squelches and noises form the building blocks for this quartet of tunes, with title track ‘Cpstyre’ sounding like something involving an electronic trampoline; ‘Gulefjun’ is an effervescent pop ‘n’ click reminiscent of a robot whistling; and so on. It’s like an electronic bowl of Rice Crispies – snap, crackle and pop. Or snap crackle and techno if you prefer. Ace!”

ONIONZ(20:20 Vision): “ “Sounds like old Relief Records stuff out in Chicago in the 90’s. Dunno what track I like best. I’m gonna give Orangutango a run.””

Shinedoe (Intacto): ““Digital Sex Pack. Nice one.””

Simon Baker (Playhouse/Infant): ““Yeh like this. Will Play Gulleffjun and Orangutango.””

Troy Pierce (M_nus): ““Excellent! All of the tracks are really cool, stripped down... herbert vs dancemania. Maybe Cpstyre is my fave but it's really to hard to say. Sick e.p.””

YOUSEF(Carioca Records): ““Great EP. I’m really feeling Gullefjun.””

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