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The bear family is obviously not ashamed of their thick, flowing fur which might explain why the SPECIAL K DANCE ORCHESTRA addresses a musical ode to kinky hotshorts: a midpaced space boogie tune with robo vox and gyrating space gun sounds galore “hotshorts” is the perfect theme fur struttin around and displaying unshaven bear legs in all their glory. the flipside holds a darker, distorted piece of funk soaked house. let it grow!

HAIRY07 in the media

Alex Kid (F-Comm): “I Looooove Hot shorts! Yes yes yes yes! ”

Bart Schils 100% Pure / Pure: “ love the dragon track.. will play it for sure!!”

Chris Duckenfield (Swag): “ the Psychedelic 'Quadrant-a-like' Dragon is pretty nifty, but Hot Shorts will surely get all the love, strings are the new hi hats, apparently ”

Clive Henry(Peace Division/NRK: “ quite into these.Prefer Dragon out of the two..Cool deepness.Perfect for the carry on out here!”

Dean Muhsin(Bearweasel/superna: “dragon is fucking excellent... the produciton is pure class...”

DJ F.E.X.: “ really original, i like both tracks, hypnotic and sexy, all what we love fex”

Francis Harris (Adultnapper): “ice production on these tunes. not exactly the vibe i'm into right now, but excellent production nonetheless!”

Grzegorz Demianczuk 3 Channel: “track dragon is very cool for the afterparty will play it for sure this weekend @ bar 25”

Markus Guentner (Kompakt / War: “ nice release ... 'dragon' is definitely on a new minimal-house level ... great !”

Martini Brothers / Pokeflat: “Both trax nice dubby disco trax. Very well balances sounds. Hot shorts mix makes dancing easy although i don`t like that vocoder line going through the whole song. ”

Mazi Namvar(Fabric London): “Both tracks are beautifully written and produced...very funky too. I'll play both. Dragon reminds me of the best Paper releases from some years back and Hot Shorts is the perfect kind of hypnotic funk-journey.”

Simon Baker(Playhouse/20:20 Vi: “both ace tracks these !!! not something i'd necessarily play in my sets,(maybe hotshots earlier i would) but you'd definitely see me dancing or listening at home to these. (well you probs wouldnt see me listening at home....but whoever was there would)”

Simon Flower( Moon Harbour/Pok: “Love 'Dragon', has a killer lazy groove under all those nice deep pads..”

Yannick Labbé/Trickski/Innervi: “like those cuts... dragon fits perfectly into my warm up moments.”

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