Format B

“Vivian Wheeler”

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Yes! Format B are finally back with their second release on Stil vor Talent. After massive tracks on Opposum and Highgrade Records, their newest EP on Stil vor Talent is another huge minimal monster. Kongo Time is typical for the two Berliners: a flickery percussive loop with some stretched out effect envelopes over a wobbly drum’n'bass style bassline place this track between freaky rave and minimal chic. It’s definitely going to make you trip out for sure! On the flip it’s the funky Mondo Time that builds up over some cuts and bleeps until it leads the listener into pure euphoria when the simple loop kicks in. A huge organic subbass and some chopped-up vocal sample add the funk to this delirious minimal hit and when it comes to minute 4:00 you really won’t be able to hold your feet still. Format B are at the top of their game and we are so happy to have them!

SVT015 in the media

Karotte: “format b does it again. irgendwie machen die für mich die ganze zeit genau die richtigen platten:-))) vivian wheeler sehr geil. läuft bei mir und rockt die leute gewaltig. danke jungs. bitte mehr von dem scheizz!!!”

Karotte (Cocoon): “Charted!”

Markus Kavka (MTV): “a-seite ist hammer, muss ich haben.”

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