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Canada’s Mathew Jonson has become one of the pre-eminent producers in electronic music today, creating some of the most influential tracks of the past few of years both as a solo artist and as a founding member of the peerless musical trio Cobblestone Jazz.This, his fifth solo release on his own label Wagon Repair, continues in the tradition of enterprise and experiment that we should expect from his Vancouver studio. This EP presents a series of firsts, with Mathew trying his hand at electro pop for the first time, arranging a track for the first time on computer, and it sees his uneffected voice feature for the first time on a track. Opener ‘Stop’ offers the first of the firsts. This dreamy electro pop odyssey is a half written, half improvised jam, recorded live whilst singing, playing the vocoder and mixing the track simultaneously. Synthesized rainfall descends on a squelched funk bassline, as free vocoded passages meander between phased percussion in a wondrously woven workout. B side ‘Real Dreams’ signals both the first time Mathew has arranged a track on a computer, and the first time his pure vocal has made it onto tape. A downtempo arrangement mixed live to stereo track, this murky and cathartic exploration was borne of realising things about a past relationship, as descending harmonised melodies pulse contemplatively to a defiantly progressive beat. The shift of the creative process from live, physical creation to reflective computer editing is significant, and fitting to the prevalent mood of evaluation and reassessment. In combining these elements with Mathew’s unsynthetic vocal we present an intimate and explorative new dimension to his already enthralling repertoire.

WAG026 in the media

Geoffroy Mugwump (Hi-Phen): “One of the Best producers around...And with balls. Feeling this a lot.”

Tom Clark: “matthew johnson does what nobody else does. interesting downbeat - listening track i like it !”

Vibe Mag (GER): “Sehr gefühlvoll begegnet uns Mathew Jonson auf seinem aktuellen 2-Tracker. Bei „Stop“ war es scheinbar um ihn geschehen und er bringt das erste Mal seine eigene Stimme ins Spiel. Herausgekommen ist dabei ein verträumtes Electropopstück. Auf der B-Seite schaltet er noch einige Gänge in den Bereich Downtempo nach unten. Der Trackname „Real Dreams“ spricht eigentlich schon Bände, auch hier unter Verwendung seiner Stimmbänder. Geschmackvoll zeigt er sich mal von einer ganz anderen Seite und scheint sein Interesse an Vocals geweckt zu haben. Fliegt mit ihm ins Wunderland”

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