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Uruguay, Monte Video’s dream team Monoblock have first emerged on the European scene in 2006 by appearing on a few different labels from Freak n Chic to Archipel… turning some heads with there unique sound and then throwing it down live and stealing the show at Valencia’s “Electro Splash” beach festival in 2006. Now Martin Tc and Guikle are about to join the Cynosure family and raise the bar for the label once more. Sugar Morph is magical blend of Stripped down South American grooves combined with a slick synth bass hook and layers upon layers of deep effects and modulated percussion. Already catching the attention of a few dj greats this track is sure to weave into many crates this summer. On the flip side Monoblock keep the flow with lalala. An excellent number designed for a sweet dip in the mix followed by the ultra funky tweaked house groove Untone. Super shuffled layers of quirky percussion lay the carpet for a power house Rhodes/Bass drop. With an ultra funky walking bassline taking control of the groove and driving things to a boiling point. Things are cooking for the Uruguayan duo with a many releases planned for 2008.

CYN025 in the media

Claude V Stroke (Mothership): “Overall this whole EP is amazing!!! A1. Sugar Morph - Love this wobbly mangled solo. Hot. B1. Best track of EP. Absolutely gorgeous sounding. B2. Shuffling untone melody madness. Love it. ”

Dadableep (RZ Records): “A1 is quite kickin. Nice sounds, not too overloaded, groovy and pushing beat. B1: Like it a lot... very funky and easy to get into it. Good to push the temper on the floor to a higher level. ”

De:Bug (GER): “Sehr ruhig, dieses "Sugar Morph". Die Sequenzen klingen wie aus Watte, der Groove sanft und erhaben und nach langer Zeit entwickelt sich dann ein baumelnd seeliger Technotrack mit viel Improvisation in den quirligen Synths draus, der dem Track seine heitere Grundstimmung gibt, die auch auf der Rückseite mit dem blubbrig seeligen "Lalala" weitergeht und auf dem etwas knuffig verkatert spleenigen "Untone" einen feinen Abschluss findet. Musik für Katzen und solche, die es werden wollen. Wie auch immer.”

Giles Smith: “"Sugar Morph" definitely has a nice warm musical groove lacking in so many similar records. Definitely had a melodic edge to these not a million miles away from Alex Under. ”

Guy Hornsby ( “The three tracks bubble with the duo's vibrant and energetic style of production, to which only the most leaden-footed individuals would fail to react. Sugar Morph employs an almost bouncy blend of rolling kicks and stabs as it falls away into a break in a haze of reverb. There's a measured addition of elements (squelches here, shakers there) as the track progresses that almost makes the listener skip back in an effort to work out just where the atmosphere started building. Lalala is a deeper cut, the tracky groover that without which the peak-time riot-starters would have no respite. The same inherent attention is given to all the fundamentals – driving basslines, staccato hats, high and low synths, but it's a more low-down affair. Untone, the last of the trio, emphasises even further the South Americans' versatility. Alongside the arpeggiating poco-loco melodies, are old school rhodes-y rhythms, possibly the nearest minimal techno may get to a summery record (purists, calm down). Similarities certainly, to others, but Monoblock have put their own unique stamp on their adopted surroundings, and, with a slew of releases planned for 2008, remember the name… ”

Italoboyz (Mothership): “we really like this label..nice ep for monoblock, very nice Sugar Morph but the one we like the most and play for sure is Untone!! super funky!!”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “very Very VERY funky track on the A side Right down my street ”

Mr C (The End UK): “A - Very nice indeed. Nice bass line, great melodies. In the box on heavy rotation. 9/10 B1 - Very nice grove track. Great mixed up with opther groove tracks. on rotation. 8/10 B2 - Also great, lovin the melodies on this & very solid groove too. On heavy rotation. 9/10 Hijos de Putas. These boys are gonna be big.”

Robin Porter (Immigrant): “B1 - Deep warm and the pads and the lead synth. I've definitely play this!”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “Funky and Groovy Techno tracks. This record goes straight into my case. i like the a-site the best.”

Woody (Fumakilla): “ B1. lovin' this one, funky, sexy and a lady shaker..!”

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