Stefan Goldmann

“Lunatic Fringe, The Bribe”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM02
FormatEXCL12"COrders fromMon, 30 Jul 2007
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We thought we had made a strong statement with Macro 1, but once we were giving away CDrs of our next outing to our DJ friends, it started growing on us this was going to be far bigger than we had expected. The response to the A side was already super huge, but things really got out of control when clubbers were also exposed to what is the B side here… one DJ even called us from Ibiza, pointing his mobile at a crowd going totally mental over our record. Work at the office was kinda different after that. “Lunatic Fringe” is a warped and twisted 10 minutes house excursion featuring one of the most memorable vocal performances of the last decade, underlayed with a dramatic synth line that moves all over the place. Stefan Goldmann who already caused havoc with his releases for Innervisions and Perlon, once again proves he’s able to shift things to a totally different level - delivering a supreme cut that thrills in main sets and spreads bliss in the morning hours. Hammered by all of our favourite house and techno DJs alike. Dark beauty! “The Bribe” has nothing short but this year’s most remarkable, mind bending melody line, causing massive waves of euphoria from Ibiza to Berlin to New York. Don’t be fooled by this one being on the B: this gem was quickly picked up by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Jerome Sydenham, Peter Kruder, Ivan Smagghe, Josh Wink and Steve Bug (who licensed it for his upcoming Fabric mix CD), raving at us what incredible reactions they get - and making Macro 2 the most enthusiastically anticipated release this summer. “The Bribe” is set to become this summer’s ubiquitous underground hit, so get ready to be hearing it wherever you go. The package is rounded off by the heavily experimental noise journey of “Nothingface", giving you a 3 way set of complete frenzy for the lovely summer of 2007. Stefan Goldmann is on fire! Macro too.

MACROM02 in the media

onur ozer: “amazing chorus on a1 like a ritual on top of a great beat. i really like it . greetings to stefan”

Agoria: “ Wouwouwou this is a fantastic record!! I will play “Lunatic Fringe” a lot!!! And I may include it on my next mix CD… (licensed to Agoria “At the Controls”, Resist Music)”

Alex Attias (Compost): “Yes yes! Again Stefan has done it with two ORIGINAL tunes with ORIGINAL sounds and grooves that only Stefan can do at the moment. I’m feeling both tracks big time and love the mix between different styles and sounds. It’s pure deepness with an edge. Full support!”

Charles Siegling (Technasia): ““The Bribe” does it best for me. Nice chord progression and flow. ”

Claude von Stroke (Dirty Bird): “ I really like this. The obvious club track is “The Bribe”. Cool techy Goldmann chords, but then there is a funky bassline underneath to keep it rolling nicely almost like a house track. Will play a bunch. “Lunatic Fringe” is a bit more interesting musically. I will try it out and see what happens. Sounds like it could be huge. ”

Dan Curtin (Peacefrog): “This is a stunningly original release. Full on creativity without the worry of being part of any kind of trend. I can see “Lunatic Fringe” really working on the floor at the right moments, especially during an early morning set. The arrangements and production are top notch, overall an excellent record! Full Support. ”

Diesel (X-Press2): “Just wanted to say "Lunatic Fringe" is amazing. Charted no.1! ”

D’Julz (Ovum, Pokerflat): “What I can say, it's pure class. Both tracks are fucking amazing. I love your new direction. Will chart #1. ”

Gamall (Planet E): “ Charting the new Macro "Lunatic Fringe" (#3) and the Sideshow remix - both doing it big time. Best from the apple. ”

Giles Smith: “Really cool release and something really favourite is "Lunatic fringe". The amazing vocal really does have a special spiritual vibe that lifts this track to a new level. ”

Giles Smith: “FORTHCOMING REVIEW FROM DJ MAG STEFAN GOLDMAN - Lunatic Fringe 4.5* This is Goldman's second release on his new imprint. "Lunatic Fringe" is an unspectacular quirky, dubby groove with a prominent synth line that nags away at you. However what makes this track special is the angelic choir style vocal which really does lift it into a spiritual realm and taking the track to new heights. "The Bribe" is another slice of melancholy with its wistful, winding synth line. This wouldn't sound out of place on Poker Flat with its shuufling groove and strong melodies. ”

Ivan Smagghe (Black Strobe): “That mad vocal track with the church choir is my fave track of the summer. Properly amazing. Played it very late at robert johnson last night, sent them in outerspace. Amazing...”

Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan, Objek: “Thanks for the tunes. I like both tracks. Nice idea with the vocals and like the bass of The Bribe.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “Fuck! Lunatic Fringe is unbelievable! The groove is so tight and the vox are totally on another level. Freakiest thing I’ve heard in ages. Another Goldmann winner!”

John Tejada (Palette): “I really enjoy Stefan's music. The A side is a really cool journey. The choir is really original and cinematic. I almost think I would play the B more because I like all the harmonies that happen mid way. A cool single. I definitely enjoy it. ”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “ Thanks for sending the tracks the other day. They're out there... If you know what I mean. I dig em both. Kind of spooky and groovy! Keep up the good work.”

Karotte (Cocoon Club): “Finde beide Nummern superklasse. Da ging einiges die Woche auf Ibiza. Play it loud, dann geht da alles. Full Support von mir. Werd ich auch charten.”

Karotte (Cocoon): “yeah. the bribe seit wochen einer der großen hits in meinen sets. supernummer, da gehen die arme ganz weit nach oben!!!”

Kiki (BPitch Control): “The Bribe is my new favourite track! Played it at Dance Valley & 10 Days Off and just can’t get enough of it! “Lunatic Fringe” is superb too. Twisted! ”

Kristian Beyer (Ame, Innervisi: “Like this record very much. I'm less into the side with the choirs, but top notch production skills again.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “Looove the track on the B side ohhh yesss ”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “goldmann = qualität, A1 ist der hammer”

Peter Kruder (K&D, G-Stone): “ Exceptional release. Incredible! The Bribe is pure madness... killer melody. Outstanding club music. Lunatic Fringe: played at the right time, this will probably cause people to go nuts. I’m totally into it. Full support. ”

Philip Sherburne (XLR8R): “Yoooooo, this record is cooool. Freaky and weird and not a little dark. "Lunatic Fringe" is HUGE, but in such a subtle way. The vox is wonderful. I love "nothingface," it's so refreshing that people are willing to put stuff like this out on vinyl these days. Much respect for that! (I miss the good old days of weird B-side cuts, and R&S's freaky ambient records.). Really look forward to mixing with that once the vinyl's out (or if I dare with a CDJ). Really, really like it. Hats off for Macro02! The world needs more music like that.”

Raresh(Cocoon,Arpiar): “Super thanks for this! Really loving the tracks, especially the Lunatic Fringe. Best best regards from the sunny here.”

Resident Advisor Net: “By all rights, 'Lunatic Fringe' should not work as well as it does. Stefan Goldmann cuts up an uncredited choir, drops a house beat under them, adds a synth, and calls it a day. A recipe for certain disaster then – especially considering the choir seems to be completely unaware of any other element in the track. But like Villalobos and Herbert, what begins as "awww, look what our quirky little friend has done," turns by track's end into "holy shit, look at what our quirky little friend has done." It might be premature to put Goldmann on level with such restlessly inventive dance music luminaries, but his Innervisions earworm 'Sleepy Hollow' and beatless contribution to Richie Hawtin's DE9 | Transitions prove that something's going on with this guy that has nothing to do with what we've heard before. 'The Bribe' does sound very much like what we've heard before – it's essentially 'Sleepy Hollow' Pt. 2, in fact. That's not a bad thing. Goldmann unleashes an unholy synth riff that climbs upward and downward maniacally and it's soon joined by another line that mirrors it for a while before getting a mind of its own. In and around all of this? Vestiges of the choir from 'Lunatic Fringe' quietly pop up at odd intervals and what sounds like a strangled guitar plays a note or two before the bass drum extinguishes everything in its path. Hmm, maybe 'The Bribe' is the experimental one after all? Either way, it's hard to care when the results are this good. Words / Todd L. Burns”

Richie Hawtin (Minus): “Thanks for the update... really like THE BRIBE!! Nice melody!!!”

Steve Bug (Pokerflat): “ Licensing The Bribe for Fabric 37: Steve Bug mix cd! ”

Tim Sweeney (DFA, Beats In Spa: “Really enjoying "The Bribe”. Will definitely be playing that on the radio show.”

Troy Pierce (Minus): “The Bribe is so sick. Nice job!”

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