Signor Andreoni

“Tuning Spork Blues”

TSB002 scanZoom inLabelTuning Spork Blues Experiments
Cat. No.TSB002
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This is the third Tuning Spork Blues Experiment. Inspired by legends like Miles Davis and modern day techno producers like Dandy Jack, Andreoni is forging wacked out new house sounds, in the true spirit of jazz. This EP is no exception, and it shows why the likes of Ricardo Villalobos believe that Signor Andreoni is an amazing musician. To begin the experiment, Andreoni jams you deep into space, with some seriously fucked up effects that will have you hiding under your bedclothes. Sleepover is perhaps the most techno cut on this release, but the deep haze of dub still remains, over a banging percussive track. On Members the melodies are perfect as you expect from Signor Andreoni, and here the acid line is more prominent in the mix, over deep warbling bass notes. In Borderline, nothing is as it seems. Melodies fall down cliffs into weird drones, and everything seems a little skewed. This completes a 4 track EP from a unique talent in the world of deep electronic house music, with 4 distinctive colourful tracks that take the genre far away from the middlebrow. Make sure you check out our third Tuning Spork Blues Experiment, even if you spent most of science class using bunsen burners as water pistols

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