Catwash (chris Carrier & Dj Wild)

“Super Body”

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Cat. No.AO029
Orders fromThu, 23 Aug 2007
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After couple release on Adult only catwash (Chris Carrier & DJ Wild) is back with 3 track, Super Body snaps right off the bat with a wall to wall bounce of airy fresh chords. From stab to stab, Carrier & Wild accelerate with a housey roundabout bassline that brings us back to the early days of New York’s Roxy Club. For those who know, this vibe, Super Body holds it’s poise with a pleasurable top-shelf vibe that is sure to seduce any dancefloor into an endless deep groove. Basic Info has a kickin, machine drive that swings straight into a shoveled digger that piles on the dirt. Broken down with ease, Carrier & Wild propel this “Basic Info” tech house groove into an overall filthy floorwaxer that delivers funky chugging beats with an overall crackin bang. and Walking on the moon Shine like a long travel on this white planet.

AO029 in the media

Jamie Jones (Crosstownrebels/C: “This is really nice. Good solid grooves. Adult Only is one of my favorite labels. I still play so many of them. Keep up the good work!!”

josh wink: “All about track on "B1". Simple but effective!”

Karotte (Cocoon): “super body ist ein cooler housetrack für die gewissen stunden:-) i like it. tolle nummer.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “very funky A side i like this very much ”

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