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For its 20th release, Cadenza turns to Romania’s Petre Inspirescu, aka Pedro. He may be a new addition to the label, and for that matter a new name to many listeners. (Until now he’s recorded two compilation tracks and one EP, for the labels Vinylclub and [a:rpia:r].) In his home town of Bucharest, Romania, however, Petre has long been a pivotal figure alongside his frequent accomplices Raresh and Rhadoo, and in the last two years, his appearances in Ibiza and throughout Europe have brought his name to many listeners’ lips, heightening interest in the fertile Romanian scene—an unexpected outpost of advanced electronic music whose rise recalls Chile’s emergence as a central player in contemporary techno, despite its location on the socalled margins. Just as Ricardo Villalobos’ Achso doublepackmarked a turning point of sorts for Cadenza, leading the adventurous label even further into the unknown, Tips feels similarly pivotal, introducing not just a new name but a whole new way of approaching club music. Tips’ four tracks are as sonically baffling as they are irresistibly groovy, as unhinged as they are methodical. In four tracks and just over 40 minutes, Petre offers an infinity of possibilities for getting lost in. “Mostra” opens the EP with a loping, Lucianoinspired Groove that steadfastly refuses to stand still; a rocksteady trifecta of kick drum, hi-hats and snare holds it down while bells and eruptions of static fill in the empty spaces with their fidgety push-and-pull. What makes the tune truly memorable is a long, undulating melody played out on a synthesized harpsichord, swathed in reverb and as eerily suggestive as an afternoon dream. “Racakadoom” changes up the mood considerably with oompah-shoompah horns that chug away ad infinitum; the track’s hidden hook is an unsettling spoken-word loop—possibly one voice, maybe two or three—that’s been sped up and slowed down, chipmunked and screwed until its erratic babbling becomes as inscrutable as a mountain spring

CADENZA20 in the media

josh wink: “Will play tracks "Mostra" & "La Creme Bonjour".”

Alex Attias (Freedom Sounds): “Thank you for this amazing piece of vinyl . Im loving all 4 tunes , its so original , fresh, bouncy and fonkee that Im just wondering which one to play first! Im feeling the bass of GAlentar and the mad groove of La creme bonjour and all thse ssounds...thats dope! you got my full support and please update me on any other tune Petre is producing for you. Essential ! ”

Gerd Janson: “Bodacious record! The best Cadenza one in ages and Petre Inspirescu lives up to the Romanian hype with a mixture of rooty House and Techno. Every track a winner!”

Giosuè Impellizzeri aka Dj Gio: “Nice microtechno from Romania combined with glitch elements. My favourite is the track on C side (it's called Galantar) with bubbles of dark-disco elements and nice fx. All tracks remind me the old works by mr. Villalobos. ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “nice minimalistic stuff will play ”

Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Habour: “strong release. difficult for me to pick out a favourite track.”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure): “"La Creme bonjour" is my favorite track on this one. Nice work”

Raresh: “superb ep .. every track has his unique blender and the all record is effective in every situation .. love it .. play it ”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “a lovely record! my favortite already since the summer is "la creme bonjour" a nice beat with an lovely little melody, witch srews itselfe slowly into my head. really great!! mostra i also like a lot..”

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