Steve Bug & Cle

“Silicon Ballet Ep”

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Dear music-lovers, please welcome a so-called dream team: Steve Bug & Clé! Steve Bug‘s imprints Poker Flat, Dessous and Audiomatique are essential in today’s music circuit and from time to time and in between his crazy gig schedule, he mixes famous compilations like Fuse in April this year and the forthcoming Fabric in November. Busy times indeed. Clé is already best known as one half of our one-of-a- kind duo the Märtini Brös, who have been releasing on Poker Flat since the early days and are an inherent part of the Poker Flat family.Mr. Poker Flat and Mr. 50% Märtini Brös recently stuck their heads together and produced an EP for us. „Iron Daily“ on the a-side, is a track that perfectly combines the skills of the two. The result is an interesting mixture of funktional dancefloor thunder and stripped- down old-school influences. The b-side holds „Behind The Curtains“, a fantastic opener for advanced clubbers. A metronome, a single hihat, short bass drops and some warm and epic chords begin this brilliant track, snippets of handclaps, kicks and a fleetfooted hihats guide the track for four minutes to its final starting point to get the party started. Not to miss.

PFR88 in the media

Break 3000 / Dirt Crew: “Behind the curtains is really my favourite here, cool to hear the influences of Cle and Steve Bug in one record, the Kraftwerk like chords are awesome and i am already looking forward to drop this at the club tonite. will Chart ! ”

C-Rock (Stir15): “"Fettlinger, macht doch mal merh zusammen! Bussie an den Herrn K! C++" ” : “"Steve Bug y Clé, mitad de Märtini Brös junto a Mike Vamp, retoman la unión que ya estrenaron en el quinto recopilatorio de Poker Flat con su primer maxi conjunto, este Silicon Ballet ep, que nos muestra dos caras muy diferentes de lo que puede ofrecernos en un futuro este ""dream team"" del minimal house teutón. La cosa comienza bien, con ""Iron Daily"", un temita bien terminado en la línea de las producciones de Bug como ""Traffic Signs"". Pistero y desenfadado, el corte posee una de esas melodías tan características en el label hamburgués, con ese groove old school tan directo a la pista de baile y elegante a la vez. No es un hit, pero sí un buen tema de transición para secciones de deep house con matices minimaleros que no quieren perder de vista el bailar de sus danzantes de turno. ""Behind The Curtains"", hace que la cosa acabe mejor de lo que comenzó, con una producción más progresiva y ensoñadora que su predecesora, con una melodía cautivadora y un desarrollo simplemente perfecto. Bombos, cajas y chastón perfectamente encajados para llevar en palmitas al resto de elementos del track. Simplemente, bonito. Así pues, otro buen 12"" en el haber de Poker Flat, y lo que casi es más importante, la vuelta de los hombres de confianza de la casa tras el paso de los Brikha, Wink, Raudive y compañía... Puntuación: 8/10" ”

D'julz (Pokerflat): “"i'll play behinf the curtains , nice and deeeeeep " ”

Justin Drake / Peace Division : “DJ Plays "really like both tracks. future retro man!" ”

M.A.N.D.Y (Get Physical): “spiele die platte gerne! ”

Sian (Pokerflat): “09/10 pts for "behind the curtain" ”

St. Sebastian : “"Bug and cle to a T EXCELLENT TRACKS a reminder of what these boys are all about to everyone love it FULL SUPPORT" ”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “"b side is nice. like the deepness of the tune. groovy shit by those old rabbits!" ”

Will Saul (Simple): “I absolutely love both of these tracks – perfect for my sets. Futuristic yet real old school vibes – great balance. Sounds effortless. Full support. ”

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