Theodor Zox

“Nautical Dawn”

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Our Danish warrior of Funk is back on Trenton! After a first incredible release on our imprint last January and an amazing other EP on Neopren, Theodor Zox definitely established his style with grace and efficiency!A 4 tracker this time called “Nautical Dawn”, Theodor’s square basses are groovy as hell and as usual the swing notch is turned all the way to 16.E J!!! Pieces of short and abstract vocal samples appear here and there and some fantastic jazzy sounding melodies played by old instruments like this pseudo vibraphone-guitar on the strong first track called “jazzphysics” or this 70’s wha-pedal Arabic strings on “Nautical Dawn”. Theodor expands his horizon by developing a new genre that we could name something like “smart minimal melodic dry ass funk”?!?So if you like bouncing beats and want to experience serious booty shaking while you play that piece, then this record is “sans aucun doute” for you…Word…

TREN023 in the media

De:Bug (GER): “Chicagoxylophone und sanfte Vocals auf treibend bumpigem Groove. Das hört man nicht selten, aber irgendwie funktioniert es immer und bildet hier die Basis für sehr jazzig verhangene Melodien, die der EP ihr sehr spezielles Flavour geben. Eine Platte, die vor Dichte und Intensität nur so übersprudelt und an den Rändern immer mit Effekten und Sounds lockt, die einen mit einer Leichtigkeit aus der Realität heraussprengen, dass man fast nicht mehr zurückkommen möchte. Eine der bilderreichsten und verrücktesten Trenton Platten seit langem und trotzdem ein Killer auf dem Housefloor. bleed ••••• ”

Dj Misk / Altroverso: “great record, i like all tracks, above all platonic solid. playlist”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “strong ep, i'll play a1 and b2 tracks”

Italoboyz( Mothership-Treibsto: “nice record, me like platonic solid very much!!”

Jimpster (Freerange): “Lunar Jazz Physics is the pick for me here. Really solid, shuffling deep houser that gets things bumping on the dancefloor. Great synth stuff on this one too. Top stuff.”

Karotte (Cocoon): “yes. wieder ne klasse trenton. a1+ a2 und b1 sind absolut coole techy housenummern. genau meins. läuft.”

Mathias Kaden (Vakant): “i really love the A1 track " Lunar Jazzphysics" ....i played it a lot!!funky funky funky;-))) note 1 ”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure): “Sick! I must say one of my favorites in a while. The aside is a monster and the B2 cut is spot on what I love to play! Both cuts have some serious bounce in the bottom end and musicality that doesn't appear so often in the average minimal house EP. And this one is far from the average. Excellent! ”

Mr C (The End UK): “A1: I like this very much as a composition ... B1: I like this. Good beats & sounds & a nice groovy party vibe. On rotation. B2: I like this. Funky yet deep. I'm liking the jazzy overtones too. On rotation. ”

muallem (Houseworx/Bingo/Compo: “ Really like Jazz Physics (A1). Most definitely something for me! ”

Philip Sherburne: “either trenton is seriously picking up the pace, or i haven't been paying enough attention to them. Boompty grooves, impeccable sound design, squirrelly little melodies -- all four tracks are have something special to share. love it.”

SCOTT FRIEDMAN: “Excellent release. I especially like the A1 track. Thanks a lot keep it up ”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “coole tracks, i like , i play”

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