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Hairy Claw is rapidly returning to the forefront of deep, tracky late night house music following a sabatical. This new slice of nice comes from Calculus (aka Gary Goodwin) and is formed of two excellent tracks. “Walrus Man” is a stabbing, Chicago groove with undulating bass and loose drums making it a swaggering dancefloor bomb. It’s counterpart, “Pilot” treads a trippier but more direct dancefloor path with a nagging groove, fluttering keys and an incessant bassline. Both tracks have seen support from Ame, Sasse (Mood Music), Sebbo, Solomun, Justin Drake (Peace Division), David Alvarado, Tania Vulcano (DC10), Rub & Tug, Trickski and many more….

HAIRY08 in the media

Oliver Klein (Mutekki/MBF): “ the walrusman ist great. i play it a bit faster ”

Giles Smith: “Solid housey business.”

Italoboys(Mothership/Four Musi: “i like both tracks, very catchy and substantial..great as tracks and tool to play”

Jeff K /Kill the DJ/Silvernetw: “i love hairy claw !! been playing those tunes since a couple of weeks already ... ”

Mazi Namvar: “I like both tracks but wonder just how much I'll play them in the clubs. Both are the kinda of groovers that catch my ear on first listen (and would work well for my radio sets) but their anti-climactic arrangements make it such that I am hesitant to play them out anywhere except for 8 am at an afters. ”

Philip Sherburne (Earplug/Pitc: “I like the fact that it's sort of clunky and weird; reminds me a bit of classic Kompakt productions (...)”

Sasse (Moodmusic): “more crazy and hairy shit from kotey & co love it !! ”

Sasse (Moodmusic): “this rawks, thanks! full support !”

Sebbo (Liebe*Detail): “Verry cool will play a lot!!! ”

Trickski (compost): “ I really like the walnusman! great tune! will play it for sure! finally something good here again! thanks! ”

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