Oleg Poliakov

“Datcha Musik”

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“Datcha Musik” is the strong first release of Russian artist Oleg Poliakov. Born and raised in Omsk, Siberia, Oleg fall in love with house music of the early nineties with artists like Kenny Dope, Carl Craig, Kerri Chandler, Moodymann and labels like Trax records. One day, his uncle who was working at the lost & found property brought back a flight case full of records . When Oleg found that heavy metal box and opened it, he started to listen to all these mysterious sounds and discover what was essentially Chicago, New York and Detroit house.His EP on Circus Company is a perfect combination of the warm vibe of classic old school house with a solid interpretation of the sound of today. On side A “Back to My Fear” is a tight new york flavored track with a cinematic vocal sample on top of it. It is the kind of track you need to make people get up and shout on a dancefloor. The B side starts with “Polar Airwaves". Here Oleg is sharing his vision of after party music, with a beautiful moody atmosphere that builds into the finest synth pads and a catchy melody. Last but not least is “Dance", a jacking house track full of positive energy; once again Oleg brings the house music that makes you want to smile!!! Enjoy this one and get ready for the next one…

CCS023 in the media

giles smith: “REVIEW FROM FORTHCOMING DJ... OLEG POIAKOV - Datcha Musik (Circus Company) 4.5* Slightly different and refreshing direction for Circus company with this release from Russian Poiakov. Starting with clipped, tight beats, old school spoken word vocals and some detroit synth action. Can see this going down well with fans of Efdemin's deep sound. On the flip "Polar Airwave" is slightly deeper with its trippy fazing pads over a spacey backdrop with some strange vocals and wacky melodies. Last up "dance" is the most four to the floor with its raw, jacking groove and old school House flavour. ”

D'julz (Pokerflat/Paris): “ "Great discovery from circus company . This Super talented new artist from russia shows us how proper deep house should be done.will chart."”

De:Bug (GER): “Ich erkläre Circus Company so langsam mal zu meinem Lieblingslabel. Das ist doch überfällig, oder? Hier schon wieder ein unschlagbares Release, diesmal aus Sibirien, mit Tracks, die so unverfroren voller Funk, Deepness und überragender Ideen stecken, dass man einfach gebannt wartet, was hier noch alles passieren kann. Auf der A-Seite treffen ein Preacher auf deepesten Detroitsound mit einer zwischen Acidplatten gepressten Orgel, die zur Hymne des nächsten DEMF werden müsste, auf "Polar Airwave" trudeln verspielte Eiskristalle von Melodien auf Vocals, die auf dem Mund zergehen und eine Euphorie wie zu den ersten Tagen von Chicagohouse und "Dance" glitzert einfach nur elegant wie die kalte Schulter eines im Licht gefangenen Tänzers, der die Welt nie mehr wieder zu finden scheint. Groß. http://www.circusprod.com bleed •••••”

DJ Deep (Deeply Rooted House R: “ "Very cool record" ”

JayHaze (Tuningspork/Contexter: “Another nice record from cc, of course helping to keep house music alive! the a1 is ace for me, great house groove and very pleasant on the ears, the b2 is another wonderful piece of house magic, nice atmosphere and bouncey groove...But shaker stuff for sure. not too into a1. although it is nice, would not play it... Keep em coming beeeyotches”

Jimpster (Freerange): “Yeah, this is some deep shit! Love the raw beats and simple, stripped back old school vibe on Back To My Fear. Also really into Dance. Not heard of this label or artist before but will definitely be checking out in the future”

John Tejada (Palette rec-Poker: “ "That Oleg Poliakov first release is very cool. I like the detroity vibes on the a side. Solid stuff man. Reminds me of some classics and some fun times. Thanks for all the music." ”

Karotte (Cocoon): “wow. tolle houseplatte. vor allem die a seite ist der wahnsinn. ganz ganz groß. i love it.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “3 stuning tracks in there I looove it”

LOSOUL (Playhouse): “ Oleg Poliakov is the undiscovered concience from a foreign place. You don't even know if he really exists. Great version of prescription sound !”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure): “ "some nice NYC style house beats... slick but slightly familiar sounding vocal sample on "back to my fear" backed with a Kerri Chaos style groove on every cut ... sounds good to me."”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “i like this record, it has a good and interesting groov. my favorite track is "dance"”

Todd Sines (Planet-e, Franckie: “ "A deep, unexpected turn for the always surprising Circus Co. This new Russian artist has more to do with Detroit + Chicago than the motherland; it feels fresh and classic at the same time. All of the tracks are late-night deep dubs, but B2's DANCE brings the attention to the front. Looking forward to more from this producer."”

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