“Dessous' Best Kept Secrets”

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CD 1 compiled by Steve Bug, CD 2 Mixed by Vincenzo!! The brandnew double-album „Dessous‘ Best Kept Secrets“ offers a seductive and passionate glance through the keyhole of the „new deep of House music“ from Dessous Recordings. „Dessous‘ Best Kept Secrets“ follows the favoured series „Erotic Moments In House“ and presents a brilliant selection of modern House music with that special warm Dessous touch, which makes the songs sound perfect for an advanced club night as well as for an advanced bedroom. It includes the best tracks from the current Dessous 12“ season with high quality productions and mixes from high profile producers like Charles Webster, Phonique, Ian Whitelaw, Efdemin, FEX, Tanzmann & Stefanik, Will Saul, Mr. V, Clé & Mike Vamp, Steve Bug, Morgan Geist, Anja Schneider, Jori Hulkkonen (Discemi) and Vincenzo, but also from an array of promising newcomers like Simon Flower or Ryo Murakami. Some of the tracks appear in new mixes or versions. But „Best Kept Secrets“ indeed includes some of our best kept secrets as it features some outstanding tunes we‘ve been collecting over the summer: No less than seven brand new songs which have been exclusively produced for this album by Simon Flower, Discemi, Steve Ferrand & Pete Sung, Ryo MurakamI, Clé & Mike Vamp and two new tracks by Vincenzo! With Vincenzo, our long serving „Don of Deephouse“ being back on the scene we also reveal our best secret. It‘s not only his two new tracks he contributes. Vincenzo, who recently moved to Berlin, conjured a simply wonderful warm and soulful DJ mix on the bonus-CD. With a stunning flow he smoothly guides us through beautiful soundcapes and provides a warm almost dreamy feel, but at the time he keeps the energy of House music up and offers a highly interesting listening pleasure. With Dessous taking a slightly deeper route in the future „Best Kept Secrets“ also reveals a preview on our new vinyl designs starting with two separate „Best Kept Secrets“ 12“ releases which will incl

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