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Luciano is back! After ceding Cadenza’s concentric grooves to a range of newcomers and repeat offenders - Pikaya, Andomat 3000 & Jan, Loco Dice, Digitaline, Argenis Brito, Alejandro Vivanco, Petre Inspirescu - the label’s founder returns with his first new original material for Cadenza in over a year. It’s not like he’s been sitting quietly - in the almost year and a half since Luciano and Thomas Melchior’s brilliant “Solomon’s Prayer/Father” (Cadenza 11), Lucien Nicolet has collected a multitude of musical studies – so called études - from the French word étude meaning “study".An étude is a short musical composition designed to provide practice in a particular technical skill in the performance of a solo instrument. Musical studies have been composed since the 18th century and they became an important musical genre since then. The etudes that are most widely admired are those which transcend their practical function and come to be appreciated simply as music. And this is exactly what Luciano is aiming for.The four tracks on „Études Électroniques“ (Cadenza 21) find Luciano invigorated and inspired, putting his talents into the service of dancefloors at their most delirious.With its delicate skip and its slow sunrise flare, “Montana” opens the record on a blissful note, calm and suffused with light. A hollow bass tone puffs away like a glassblower as brittle rhythmic patterns spin round and round. Swelling and drifting, weightless and iridescent, it feels like chasing dawn in a hot-air balloon."Fochedrem” eases off the throttle and cracks an ear-to-ear grin; a stubby one-note bass line beats out a kind of cartoon funk as the answering riff splinters and shapeshifts between cowbell, organ and piano. It’s as slippery as the deck of a storm-tossed boat."Masalla” features liquid congas and feathered metallic details that stand on end like magnetic shavings. Laid-back and polyrhythmic, it’s a future Latin maysterpiece. The tune’s centerpiece is a

CADENZA21 in the media

2000 and one: “The C1 track is funky as hell!!! tribal luciano with some detroit steel pan drum meloedies. crowd love this track:))”

Al=i Schwarz (Souvenir): “wunderbar ;-) x ali”

Dj Koze ( International Pony): “super groove!! i like and will play! thanks ----”

Geoffroy Mugwump (Hi Phen, Moo: “all trax rock but my über-fave is D1... nasty & haunting.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “'like chasing dawn in a hot air baloon' - that's amazing. Sums Montana up perfectly so I'm not gonna try and better that! The other 3 tracks are all stunningly sublime too. The man is simply a master. Say no more.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “ Really enjoying the stuff this label is doing just now and this LP should help establish them as a force to be reckoned with. All quality stuff.”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “like the "A" and "C" tracks. Kind of tools to use as percussive loops. But, when the melody comes in on the "C" track, that's where the fun begins!”

Karotte (Cocoon): “oh my god. luciano ist zurück mit 4 phänomenalen tracks auf seinem eigenen label. alle, wirklich alle 4 tracks rocken meinen dancefloor. forchedrem ist dabei auch noch die megabombe. luciano wie ich ihn liebe. in meinen charts, in meiner kiste, in meinem herzen. beste cadenza seit ewigkeiten!!!”

Koze (International Pony): “super groove!! i like and will play! thanks”

Koze (International Pony): “tolle groovemonster!danke”

Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Habour: “i've been playing this one for weeks now already. people love it everywhere. and so do i. i am a bit confused with the track names and sides, but the one with the laughter samples is my favourite.”

Mr C (The End UK): “ D: This is the strongest track on here for dancing to. Love the laughing bits. will play.”

Onur Özer (Vakant): “one of the best cadenzas ever ! i already played it several times . for my tastes , this is one of the best records in 2007 ”

Raresh: “a beautiful record ! all the tracks are like a musically journey .. thanks”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “Well, Luciano just has the groove and fortunately also the melodies.. Nice as the Chilians and their style are.. Big Point! xx Tobi”

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