Phunklarique & Dejonka With Amir & Ron


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Here’s another highlight in the pipeline for PM: Phunklarique & Dejonka “Contrail". Fresh out their late “Jewel Case", this track is definitely an invite for their kind of party above the horizon, no compromises, just strictly dance floor. So unique, so grabbing, so Phunklarique & Dejonka. Once more, Amir (ad Fontes) provides us with this unbelievable spheric in vibe, yet minimalistic sound in his “Contrail” remix. Be careful, this magic carpet ride is prone to addiction. “Sonic Barrier” is like nothing you think you know. Not even the sky’s the limit for this progressive sound, it’s grooving, it’s body moving and relentlessly pressing forward to crash the sonic barrier before sun sets. Ron’s summing up and channelling down the heat of the record with this phenomenal piece of back-to-the-roots electro remix. Be ready for weightlessly gliding through a jungle of sound, driving you floor peeps even faster to insanity. This one will skyrocket, absolutely leaving a contrail across the scene’s heavens.

PLAYM018 in the media

Giles Smith: “Amir remix is best of the bunch with its deeper, more low slung vibe.”

Nino Giallongo / Dj Misk: “no doubt regarding skills of phunklarique & dejonka, i've needed to listen the first track few seconds to declare that this record is a big record. playlisted and charted for sure!”

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