“Bittersüß Rmxs By Kiki, Autotune”

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..and because it was so beautiful and so hotly favoured, Sub Static ramps up for the second part of remixes for Mia’s album, certainly not available on CD. Some real tasty cuts are gathered here, starting with the epic remix of BPitch’s KIKI who draws a giant bow for the dancefloor. Detroit-flavoured monotony including fine organ garnish as a provision on the way to the late, but well-earned break. Then the delightfully rattling interpretation by Fumakilla’s AUTOTUNE, who enriches the spooky “Wild Ponys” by the significant synth stabs and doesn’t have a handbreadth of space for needless ballast. And finally the lost track “Cold City” - owing to the great demand, and after all…

SUBSTATIC67 in the media

2000 and One: “deep stuff, i will play this”

Anja Schneider(Mobilee Berlin): “ KIKI Mix is Killer......goosebumbs!”

Dj Misk/Altroverso (IT): “excellent remix by kiki. the reiterated vocals, the atmospheres and the involving sounds are a fine piece of music. i like the autotune remix too, rough and minimal at a right point. will play them for sure”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “another great release on Sub Static Will play the A side always and everywhere”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “Playlist”

Mr C (The End UK): “B2: This is my favourite remix here. I can use this. On rotation. 7/10 None of these are as good as the original in my humble opinion.”

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