Gel Abril

“Your Face Is A Mess”

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LabelBe As OneCat. No.BAO006
FormatEXCL12"AOrders fromWed, 24 Oct 2007
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Being Israel the hotspot it is at the moment, it is not anymore a surprise hearing big name djs seriously thinking about moving there, in look for inspiration. When people like Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Guy Gerber, Itamar Sagi or Chaim are found behind the studio decks, you already know that you are in for a musical treat. After his fantastic release “The Underground Bullshits” on Josh Wink’s Philly based imprint “Ovum", this time Gel Abril is coming back with the follow-up to his best selling previous hit on Be As One, “Very Wrong", two new upfront thinking tracks with quirky and up-to-date elements that will ensure even better results from the last single. “Your Face Is A Mess” is another of those rare releases that you understand by the first listen that it’s gonna be a big release that brings extra elements in the game. On the A-side, “200 Grams” cannot be the weight of this heavily bouncing and hypnotizing tune. With a distinctive quirky line and a heavily bouncing groove like we are used from Gel Abril, “200 Grams” keeps you moving all the way up to the main break, and then takin you back into the dubby old school groove. If the A-side was freaky and bouncing, well the EP title-track “Your Face Is A Mess” on the B-side can only be descibed as a dirty mindblowing minimal/tech house track with a druggy vocal all over and a very stripped down synth line. This record will catch the dancefloors attention, in line with the different and unique approach that’s nowadays one of BAO’s own trademarks. Again Be As One delivers the main anthem of the coming winter season with their last release for 2007 and seals an amazing first year, ensuring itself a honour spot amongst the top respected labels.

BAO006 in the media

Dj Misk ( Altroverso IT ): “never-ending bleepy basses on a side. nasty style on b side. nice release”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “A1: schöne bassline, prima groove”

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