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Ohn Tejada returns with a stomping slice of in your face techno. “Labyrinth” is a winding journey through modulation and filter trickery reminiscent of his “Infected” single from a couple years back. In your face drums and synths control a steady building energy that will spiral you into the labyrinth. Balancing out the energy of the A side is “The Tyranny Of Choice.” A signature syncopated melodic slice of Tejada that layers melodies and rhythms in classic Tejada fashion.

PALETTE049 in the media

DJ Broadcast (NL): “Beatiful fragile track. Have played it in 11 Amsterdam on a big soundsystem. Worked like a charm. Will review it in the next issue of DJBroadcast magazine”

BPM MAG (USA): “Playing almost no shows in the US, this LA based techno mind is abroad about as much as he is a man. Big 808 kick drums decay with length as filter-tweaked syncopated synth work glides atop a bass heavy mix. Keeping the energy in balance, the flip is a layered journey through melodic enchantments, taking bell hit after wobbly pad and weaving them with resonated synth percussion into a structured quilt of harmony. Tejada at his finest! Praxis”

De:Bug (GER): “Dunkel, digital, zwirbelig und verdammt relaxt in seiner Funkyness kommen die drei neuen Tracks von Tejada mit weniger Hitappeal daher, als man noch vor wenigen Jahren gewohnt war. Auch das Tempo hat sich um einiges reduziert und die Rückseite "The Tyranny Of Choice" hat schon fast bleepige Oldschoolanklänge. Dennoch - das ist für Tejada typisch - sind die Tracks sehr smooth und elegant und entfalten auf dem Dancefloor ihren sehr speziellen und auch kickenden Charme. bleed ••••• ”

Dj Misk / Altroverso: “ great chords and excellent arrangements. as always a big john tejada production. full support.”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “Like both sides. One for the deep, sexy sets. And one to bang people! Nice release! W”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “a1 ist einer seiner besten tracks seit langem.”

Mr C (The End UK): “A: Wicked dance track. Great rhythms & b-line, nice noises & a great production. On heavy rotation. B: Typical John Tejada, nice beats & lovely melodies. Love it. On heavy rotation. Excellent EP.”

Philip Sherburne: “very nice! deep, groovy, melodic, unfussy -- reminds me a bit of donnacha costello's color series... the B-side: stark, tough, muscled! i can totally get with this. props to tejada for keeping that raw analog sound alive.”

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