Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier

“Tumble Blur”

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Adult Only celebrates on the 30 mark with Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier delivering an Ep with plenty to offer. 01- Tumble Blur is a deep, thick, heavy-droppin bass bomb that stays true to its title. The delicate, yet agressive heap of thick tech sounds are nicely balanced with gorgeous chords and micro bits that create a frenzy into “Tumble Blur". Ghenacia & Carrier nailed some old school techno dome madness that brings the dome to mind and a big shot blow to the body. 02- Delving Deeper starts the hottness right off the bat with an array of killer tons and low hummed chords glazed over a thumping kick. The kick hits into beatzie tech-house. The guy inside the bump says, “that’s cool", no doubt on that tip- Ghenacia & Carrier got the heads bobbin’ and the shoulders poppin’ on the movers for “Delving Deep". 03- Tumble Blur Dub keeps its foundation of abstraction entact, the elements are outbounded on a straight away track. The chords and ruminating blend of beats mix for a subtle, quirkier version that’s kept well in control. A nice reminder that deep house is a globally open field for nu directions.

AO030 in the media

Aldrin (zouk): “Tumble Blur : ACE track!! Love the deep, dark, groovy, sexy tribal-ish groove. 10/10 Charting this for October.”

Alvaro Cabana (Mondo Club Madr: “ This track is a bomb!i love this old school flavour. Delving Deeper: I like it,classic chords,nice bassline,i play it sure.Ultra Housey! Tumble Blur DUB: I love this version too,i think it´s for play in after hours(better if is in a outdoor place”

Andrew Grant (Circoloco/Religi: “I luv the Gospelesc vocal calling you to the dance floor. Delving Deeper: very good, has groove with that lil vocal sample going on. HOTT BABY!! Tumble Blur DUB : great for layering and teasing the crowd.”

Anthony Collins: “ Tumble Blur its massive. Delving Deeper i love it ! the boys are in top form with this ep !!! this is incredible”

BPM MAG (USA): “Constantly redefining the realm of house music, this Brique Rouge sub-label consistently offers up a solid purchase. Tumbling forward with a tinge of aggressive chord sequencing, a pulsing low end reaches for the depths of your soul. Tweak the bits with a little resonated filter madness, drop in a few sexy vocal moans, and you are on your way towards a true house nation. If a more thumping head bobbing groove is your fancy, then the two B-side bumpers are meat for your dancin’ belly. Just good time house music served with a smile. Praxis”

Butane (alphahouse): “ Delving Deeper: lovely old tech house sound. takes me back. nice work. Tumble Blur DUB : super cool. tracky. right up my alley.”

Chloe (dj,producer): “ Delving Deeper : bravo pour ce track, j'aime bcp l'ambiance qui s'installe”

Danton Eeprom (Fondation/Tsuba: “Delving Deeper : The groove is amazing. Really classy deep cut that doesn't sound like a cliché. Will play and chart for sure”

Davide Squillace (minisketch –: “Nice package ep...the one i prefer are Tumble Blur and version dub of it.i ll definitly play it several times...”

Dj Heather (Blackcherry Chicag: “ Delving Deeper : Love the beats, they really pop. Absolutely feeling this one.”

Dj Misk / Altroverso: “a cool house mooover! top quality tunes from two eclectic producers. will play lot of times. ”

Dj= Miss Jools (Mobilee): “Really strong Ep from the Adult only stable. All mixes work great on the dancefloor!”

Djulz (pokerflat/ovum...): “ good ep .will play”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “really nice detroit kinda chord , will play a lot”

Franck Roger (Realtone): “Playlist!”

Giles Smith: “really like the raw, bass heavy, unpolished vibe of "Tumble Blur". Also like "Delving deeper" which does just that with its bumpin groove and nice chords. Review in DJ to follow”

Hector Moralez: “This shit looks dope!!”

James Flavour (Dirt Crew): “ cool ep guys! will play most of the tracks---cu”

Jamie Jones (Cocoon): “I love delving deeper... full support.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “The Dub on this one is an absolute beauty. Crispy beats and the little synth hook make it a deep and funky winner.”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “Good solid groove. Lots of static in the pressing though... A good tool to use out for sure. Thanks-W ”

Karotte (Cocoon): “yes. coole nummer von den beiden. i like it.”

Kasper (Esperanza label): “fucking badass!!!!! totally loved this track, this weekend i played it 3 times!!! super congratz Delving Deeper: super bomb too. Tumble Blur DUB: love it too. seriously number one on my charts now!!!!”

Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto Recor: “ LOVE IT!!!! This is an amazing piece of music. Will fit in the early deeper sets, but beyond that its just a great piece of music. Very Heady. Listening to it in headphones and its really infecting. Delving Deeper: Nice deeper groover, will play. ”

Konrad Black (wagon repair): “Tumble Blur: i love it...heavy ”

Llorca (f-com / brique rouge): “Tumble Blur really into it ! Very funky track. Delving Deeper: nice one too... dubby / deep house track the way i like it. full support.”

loco dice (Cadenza): “very GOOODDDD”

Luciano (Cadenza): “super tune , amazing rythm and vibe ,,,,, big support for chris and Dan”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure): “Nice work on the aside! I'll play it.”

Nathan Coles (Wiggle): “ Tumble Blur: A piece of of mash up the dance floor madness!! Fantastic Boombastic :O) Delving Deeper very nice indeed!!Tumble Blur DUB : A great tool Happy 30th Chris, Long live adult only!!! Thanks :o)”

Rob Mello (Disco 45): “ Tumble Blur Great Peak time track. Delving Deeper : Really like this too. Tumble Blur DUB : Great alternative”

Sebo k (mobilee): “Tumble Blur : tumble blur is great! will play it for sure. thanks.”

Spettro (Plush - Austin TX,: “ Love the deep chords. Slammin beats as usual. Will play this for sure. Delving Deeper: Again, like the chords. Love the groove, but the drums are a bit busy/ too swung for me. Tumble Blur DUB: Great dj tool! Will use this to layer ”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “Very nice house tunes! I like the most the short track on the b-side called "tumble blur" - dub. very sexy! Adult Onlys is a good label!”

Tommy Four Seven (Brique Rouge: “ Fucking love this, great mood!! Supporting! ”

Toni Rios (dj/producer): “ Tumble Blur: yes, this is for the girls. very good track!!!!!!!”

WOODY: “1.2.3 full support from me!”

Xpansul (Discos De Lata): “ Tumble Blur: Amazing deep techno. it gets more intense over and over. Super track. Delving Deeper : Deep house!!! Yeah!! nice one”

Yossi Amoyal (Sushitech / Pari: “Delving Deeper: very nice deep house vibe here, i like it!”

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